Project ALS, Inc.

About Project ALS, Inc.

Project ALS is a non-profit organization out of NY that focuses on research in finding a cure for ALS. It was founded by 3 sisters, one, whom passed away from this disease. The name of this particular race is in honor of family very dear to me who is struggling with this disease. Grace is the 9 year old daughter of an amazing man, Jeff Madelone, who has now survived this illness for 15 years. The average life expectancy is only 3-5 years. My hope is that this race not only raises money for research, but raises awareness and education of this disease as it is becoming more prevalent, even here on the Hawaiian islands.

phone: (808) 381-6915


Upcoming Events hosted by Project ALS, Inc.

No upcoming events hosted by Project ALS, Inc. at this time.

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