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About the Vassar Farm and Ecological Preserve: The Vassar College community and Poughkeepsie area residents now utilize the 527-acre farm and ecological preserve in a variety of ways. The northeastern portion of the Vassar Farm is designated as a multiple use area. Many community members visit this part of the Vassar Farm to tend a plot in the community garden or pick up a share of vegetables from the Poughkeepsie Farm Project. This area is also used for athletics with both the Vassar Rugby and Cross Country team calling the farm home. The Field Station and Ecological Preserve is an invaluable resource for Vassar scientists. Vassar faculty and students conduct research on the 415-acre Ecological Preserve. The Priscilla Bullitt Collins Field Station was built in 1995, and is used to study natural history, ecology, botany, environmental education, and earth science. It contains a library, classroom, laboratory, computers, and a modern weather station. The surrounding area offers a diversity of habitats including streams, wetlands, ponds, forest, and old fields. Community members also use the preserve by walking on network of marked trails.


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