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5K Resolution is a 5-kilometer (3.1 mile) race to help residents in the Sacramento region kick start the New Year with a resolution to be more committed to their health and their communities.  A key feature of the event is the opportunity to write your resolutions on self-addressed post cards that are mailed to you in July  as a reminder to stay motivated during the second half of the year.  Race medals are also provided to all race participants. *New* this year is yoga and meditation in the park!  After the race from 10:15 - 11:30 we will host yoga in Crocker Park.  Bring your mat from home or purchase one from one of our vendors and enjoy some relaxation, stretching and mindfulness exercises to help you achieve balance in the new year! The 5K Resolution race benefits TRG International, a non-profit organization working to advance the cause of equality for South Africans and strengthen community organization. Programs target orphaned youth ages 13-19 in the informal settlements outside of Durban.To learn more about TRG, please visit:

phone: (916) 800-2874


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