Pecan City Pedalers

About Pecan City Pedalers

The Pecan City Pedalers (PCP) is a non-profit community club. The purpose of which is to promote the sport of cycling in the Albany area through quarterly meetings, regularly scheduled Club rides, through our Club website, Facebook page and our Annual Nut Roll charity ride. Cycling is a wonderful social activity and our goal is to provide an opportunity for all cyclists to share in our enthusiasm for good health, camaraderie, the love of the outdoors, a desire to learn more about our sport and promote safe cycling. The PCP encourages safe recreational cycling, promotes competitive racing through sponsorship of the USAC registered PCP Race Team and NICA Chehaw Devo Composite Mountain Bike Team for our youth. You can participate with PCP at any level of interest, from recreational rides to racing, road or mountain biking. For more info contact -

contact: Sharon Thompson



Upcoming Events hosted by Pecan City Pedalers

No upcoming events hosted by Pecan City Pedalers at this time.

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