Loganville Cycling Club

About Loganville Cycling Club

Loganville is known for having some of the best and strongest cyclists around. Come and see what you've got. Our experienced riders lead some of the most dynamic and safest group rides. You can also post up your own pickup rides. We ride anywhere from 20 miles to 100 miles of Walton and nearby counties. Come see some beautiful scenery.

contact: Jimmy Wheeler

email: ride@loganvillecyclingclub.com

Upcoming Events hosted by Loganville Cycling Club

No upcoming events hosted by Loganville Cycling Club at this time.

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Training Schedule

Tuesdays: (Winter - 4PM) (Spring/Fall - 5PM) ( Summer- 6PM), Wednesdays: (Winter - 4PM) (Spring/Fall - 5PM) (Summer- 6PM), Thursdays: (Winter - 10AM) (Spring/Summer/Fall- 9AM), Saturdays: (Winter - 9AM) (Spring/Fall-- 7:30AM) (Summer-- 7AM)