Fly the Nest

About Fly the Nest

FlytheNest walk/running club was founded in 2017 as a means to bring together a community of people who sent their children off to college and who share a love of walking/running to help them thru their new phase of life. Uniting from surrounding towns allows our group to empower a variety of paces. From walk-to-runners to marathon runners, the Fly the Nest has a pace and a place for all!

contact: Brenda


Upcoming Events hosted by Fly the Nest

No upcoming events hosted by Fly the Nest at this time.

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Training Schedule

Sunday: Meet on the Square @ 8am – running 4 miles Tuesday & Thurs: Meet at the high school at 5pm – walk/run 5 miles Saturday: Meet at Potters Bridge @ 8am – walking 10 miles