Telegraph Pass Hiking Event

Event Date

Sat, Dec 13, 2014


Yuma, AZ

About This Activity

If you've ever participated in the Telegraph Pass Hiking Challenge, you know that it is a labor of love to honor my sweet and amazing brother-in-law, Chuck, who is battling Parkinson's Disease. Every year, I organize an "OH MY GOD, WE'RE CRAZY" hiking event to raise awareness and funds for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.  We will hike Telegraph Pass between 1-11 times in a row!  It's an ABSOLUTE BLAST! We have music, megaphones, snacks, and high fives - it's like a day-long party! It's such a rewarding experience, and there's no pressure to hike more than you feel comfortable - even if you're only hiking the mountain once, you will have the time of your life!  Everyone is so supportive, and all are welcome.  I encourage anyone and everyone to come out and participate in the event which will be held throughout the day on 12-13-14, and due to potential safety issues associated with the darkness, will officially begin at 6:30 am this year. This is a unique opportunity for you to come out and hike the mountain as many times as you can in a row (up to 11 times), and raise funds for Parkinson's research at the same time!  Plus, you'll get bragging rights like you wouldn't believe!

Event details and schedule


The event will be held at Telegraph Pass mountain, and will begin at the gate that is located at the base of the mountain.  Free parking is available at the far east end of North Frontage Road.  Official event vehicles (ATVs, 4WD) will be clearly marked and available at the parking area to transport participants to the official starting area.  These vehicles will also be offering transports back to the parking area throughout the day for your convenience.  Only official event vehicles will be allowed on the dirt service roads on the day of the event.


Due to the extreme danger of hiking in the area before the sun rises, the event will officially begin at 6:30 am, but you can start any time AFTER 6:30 am as well. If you are only planning on hiking the mountain a few times, feel free to arrive any time throughout the day to begin your challenge. Transportation from the parking area to the starting gate will begin at 6:00 am.  Please help us keep the event safe by arriving at the gate area no earlier than 6:15 am.

The Event

The hiking event consists of hiking Telegraph Pass from the gate at the bottom of the mountain up to the bench/log book area at the top and back down to the gate.  Participants will be in charge of keeping track of their trips up the mountain, and all trips will be on the honor system.  There is no need to hike to the very top of the mountain (where the buildings are).  Hikers will be hiking the mountain between 1 and 11 times, and we ask all participants to only hike as long/as much as they feel comfortable.  We want everyone to be safe, so please know your limits. If you are hiking the mountain 11 times, plan on it taking between 6-8 hours.

What to Wear/Bring

The event is scheduled for mid-December, and the temperature is predicted to be between 45-69 degrees.  Please wear layered clothing so that you can peel off layers as the day warms up. If you are planning on arriving at the start time, it will likely still be dark, so bring a flashlight.  We suggest wearing trail running/hiking shoes that have been broken in and thick socks to prevent blisters.  Hats and sunscreen are also recommended, and if you have hiking sticks, they will really make your trips (expecially your trips down) easier.  Vegan snacks (power bars, bagels, pretzels, fruit, etc.), water, and electrolyte drinks will be provided for all participants, but if you are planning on hiking the mountain multiple times, you should bring a lunch, and as much water as you can carry comfortably.  There will be several volunteers on site, and they will have access to first aid kits, ice packs, electrolyte chews, etc. for participants as well.


You will be hiking on a paved road that is located in desert terrain.  Even if the day is cool, the risk of dehydration is intense.  Please, please, please stay hydrated and nourished. Also, even though it's paved, the trail has multiple areas with loose rock, gravel, and slippery dirt.  Please use extreme caution when hiking - especially on your trip(s) down - we want this to be a safe, and "uneventful" event, so please go at a comfortable, safe pace. Also, please be mindful of other elements of the desert (cactus, snakes, bees, vehicles), and plan accordingly.

Rest Areas

We are working on getting porta-potties donated again this year, and they will be located at the bottom of the mountain.  There will be a minimal number of camping chairs available at the bottom of the mountain for resting periods, but there are also a lot of boulders nearby that make perfect rest areas for taking a break.


After event expenses, all profits from this event will be going directly to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. We have set up an additional fundraising page for participants to gather additional donations from friends and family.  This is a unique experience!  Not many people can hike this mountain even once, let alone 11 times, so your friends and family may wish to pledge you a certain amount per trip.  We love this! Let's raise a boatload of money and find a cure for Parkinson's!

What You Get!

All participants will receive a free event t-shirt to wear with pride!  Also, all participants will receive a custom designed finisher's medal.  And of course, all of the vegan snacks and drinks you can consume, as well as a million high fives.  You're awesome, after all.

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