The Yucaipa Experiment

Event Date

Sat, Mar 8, 2014


Yucaipa, CA

About This Activity

A terrible thing has happened at Wildwood Elementary School here in good ol' Yucaipa.  A rogue chemistry teacher has been experimenting on the good citizens of our town (oh my)!  As a result of these experiments, zombified people have taken over the school grounds.

A handfull of survivors are trying to make it out of the school unscathed and as a non-member of the undead club (oh no).  You ever hear of the saying "Once bitten, twice shy"?  Well, in this case it's "Once bitten, twice your dead"!  Survivors will have two lives (flags).  Zombies will be attempting to eat, scratch, and maim (take flags from) the survivors on their crazy dash to freedom.  After the second attack (second flag) that unfortunate person will be joining the ranks of the undead.

There has been word that some demented and morbid individuals have been spotted in the area trying to vend their macabe wares.  Noticeable mentions are American Concessions "Blood Cones" and "Funneled Brain Cakes", the Yucaipa derby team The Bombshells, Yucaipa BMX, among others.

An after awards ceremony will be held at 1PM at the site of the experiment (after all HAZMAT personnell have cleared the area).  There will be awards for zombies, runners and teams.  Rumors of aural pleasures have been mentioned also.

Have fun... and good luck!!!

Event schedule and times

Zombies arrive at 630AM!!!!!

Registration/Vendors Open @ 7AM


  • 8AM
  • 9AM
  • 10AM
  • 11AM

Awards Ceremony @ 1PM

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