Tidewater Hockey Combine and Skills Competition

Event Date

Sat, Sep 12, 2015


Yorktown, VA

About This Activity

Come test your skills and see how you rank among your peers just like they do it in the NHL!

Combine Testing will be made up of the following:
Body Composition to include:
Height, Weight, Wingspan and Body Fat
Strength power and muscular endurance to include:
Grip strength, Bench Press Reps, Standing Long Jump, Vertical Jump
Pro agility test
Sit and reach
Anerobic fitness:
Wingate test

Hockey Skills compeition will consist of the following:
The Shootout
Accuracy Shooting
Fastest Skater
Breakway Challenge
Hardest Shot

Each skills compeition will be awarded a winner. Every participant will leave the combine with a copy of all of their stats and scores.

All proceeds of the combine will benefit Peninsula Youth Hockey Association.

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