2015 IRONMAN 70.3 Vineman - WAITLIST

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Sun, Jul 12, 2015


Windsor, CA

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Please be sure to read through the information below regarding how the waitlist works:
* When a registered athlete informs us that they are withdrawing from the race their name will be removed from the participant list and the first name on the waitlist will then be emailed a link via active.com that will alow them to register for the race.
* Once informed, you will have 72 hours in which to register online. If you do not register in this allotted amount of time your name will be removed from the list. It is your responsibility to track your progress on the waitlist. The waitlist is posted on the Vineman website and is updated daily or as changes occur. If you notice that there is a date next to your name, this means you were sent an acceptance email. If you did not receive the email you need to email amy@vineman.com.
* If, during the time that you are on the waitlist, you decide that you no longer wish to race, advise us and ask that your name be removed...please be considerate of your fellow athletes on the list!
*If you are accepted into the race from the waitlist but not able to compete, you are NOT allowed to give your spot to someone else. Your spot will go to the person next in line on the waitlist.
* Please do not call to inform us of your special circumstances and why you should bypass the waitlist and be placed in the race. You are asking us to make a decision as to who is less deserving to race than yourself. With the exception of 2008, everyone that was on the wait list was eventually entered into the race. In 2010 we had well over 500 people on the waitlist and all made it in. In 2011 and 2012 we had over 700 people that made it into the race from the waitlist. In 2013, the remianing 75 people (out of 850) did not make it into the race. In 2014 we adjusted down the total number of people we accepted on the waitlist to 750. Everyone made it off the waitlist in 2014. As a result, we anticipate that everyone on the list will get into the race this year. 
*A waitlist will be located on the Vineman website for you to view your status. The waitlist is updated daily (Mon - Fri) or as changes occur.
*The wait list will be terminated on June 7. However, it may take an additional 8-10 days for the last of the waitlisted people to register or decline their spot. If people decline their spot, it will continue to roll down until all available race spots have been accepted.

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