Delaware Charity Challenge

Event Date

Sat, Apr 30, 2016


Wilmington, DE

About This Activity

Delaware Charity Challenge is a centralized fundraising and athletic competition designed to give participating charities and teams the ability to access all the benefits of participating in a fundraising event, such as a 5K, without incurring the same overhead costs and logistical nightmares commonly associated with putting such an event together internally. The result is that participating teams (and nonprofits) can concentrate their fundraising efforts in a fun and compelling way. Delaware Charity Challenge is an effort byInnovincent and others to make traditional, individually-focused fundraising events, like a 5K, more team-based, efficient, cost-effective, and fun for everyone involved.

The Delaware Charity Challenge competitions are a win-win-win opportunity for any charity. Through the teams and the events themselves, charities have the opportunity to raise money and awareness for their cause. Leading up to the challenge, teams will race to raise the most money for the charity of their choice. The charities that raise the most money will win additional prize money for their charity. On the day of the Delaware Charity Challenge, teams will race to win, and the winning teams will win additional money for their selected charities. Nonprofits are encouraged to build and promote their own teams in the Delaware Charity Challenge.

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