West Milton Triathlon

Event Date

Sat, Jun 20, 2020


West Milton, OH


About This Activity

The West Milton Triathlon is the event that started Speedy Feet.  It consists of a 3.5 mile canoe, a 5 mile run and ends with a 17 mile bike.  Most will race as a two person team, but there is a solo option for those who have their own kayak and want to race it on their own.  For teams, you can stay together throughout the race, or split up after the canoe segment.  Your place will be determined by your team time which is simply each teammate's individual time added together.  Solo participants compete based on individual times.  Solo participants will all start together.  Teams start 2 teams per minute starting at 8am with the starting order determined by the order teams register.  


PLEASE DO NOT USE THE ADD REGISTRANT to add your partner on your team entry.  You will be prompted for your teammate's info on the team registration.


Thank you for your interest in the West Milton Triathlon.  2020 marks the 37th Annual for this event that serves as a fund-raiser for the Milton Union Cross Country program and the West Milton Volunteer Fire Company.

Your start time is listed at the following link:


Here are links to the course maps for each segment:

Canoe Course: coming soon!

Run Course:  coming soon!

Bike Course:  coming soon!

We recommend arriving at West Milton Municipal Park at least one hour to ninety minutes prior to your assigned start time.  You will have a good bit of things to take care of upon arrival.  At registration, you will get your shirt, a timing chip on a neoprene strap and a number for your bike.  Wear the timing chip on your ankle.  Place the bike number on either the top tube or seat post of your bike.  WE HAVE TO SEE THIS WHEN YOU CROSS THE FINISH LINE.  The ankle timing chips will be used for registering your split times but not your finish time.

Once you have completed registration, take your bike to the transition area and find a spot on the bike racks.  There are not assigned spots so just find an available space and setup your bike.  Hang your bike either by the seat or the handle bars.  We will have close to 300 participants so please be courteous and not take up too much space.

If you need a last minute bike tweak our friends from Tipp City Cyclery will be set up next to transition.  They are not there for major tune-ups at this time, but they will be able to help with quick minor adjustments.  They will be there from 7 am until the last bike is out of transition.

Once you have your bike ready, you are ready to proceed to the canoe start.  You will need to pick out a canoe if you are on a team.  If you are solo, you are to bring your boat to the start.  We typically have over 20 solo participants so plan accordingly.  We will start all MALE solos at 7:57 and all FEMALE solos at 7:58.  We will want you all in the water by 7:50.  Teams should be in line with their canoe at least 5 minutes before their start time! 

If you want to bring dry shoes for the run, you can.  Some folks put plastic bags over their shoes to keep them dry.   The canoe take-out is on the left.  Watch for the yellow flags overhead marking the spot.  When you take-out, you have to carry your canoe up and out of the way.  The volunteers will direct you.

At the canoe to run transition, there will be a water stop.  There will be a timing mat next to the Speedy Feet truck.  Make sure to run over the mat to register your canoe finish.  Anything you don’t want to carry on the run throw in the back of the Speedy Feet truck.  We’ll bring it back to the park for you.  Relay teams exchange point is after the mat.  Exchange the chip and the runner can take off.

On the run, please run to the left, against the flow of traffic.  Roads are open.  Because roads are open and because we want you to be able to hear volunteer instructions, we have a no headphone rule.  It’s not because we are trying to be mean.  It’s for your safety.  There are two water stops on the run course.  There will be a mile marker sign at each mile.  The course is marked with signs, paint on the road and cones on the inside of each turn.  After mile 4, you turn onto State Route 571.  The shoulder is wide but bikers will be coming towards you on the same shoulder, so stay to the far left.

When entering the run-to-bike transition area you will have to run all the way around the transition in a designated lane.  This is so that everyone covers the same distance.  Transition is one-way. See the picture below.  In transition, get your helmet on and again make sure to leave your headphones behind.  HELMETS ARE REQUIRED.  Relay teams exchange your timing chip in the transition area. There is NO RIDING in transition.  You must run or walk your bike until after you cross the timing mat to leave transition.  You will start the bike by turning right out of transition.

On the bike course, there is NO DRAFTING except for with your teammate.  This means no drafting for solo participants.  There are no officials and no penalties so the drafting rules are on the honor system.  You should keep at least three bike lengths between you and the next person to be considered not in the draft. 

The first mile of the bike is the hardest so don’t get discouraged.  There is a good climb to get out of the park and a good climb up the hill on State Route 571.  Just like the run, the bike course is marked with paint on the road, signs and orange cones on the inside of each turn.  The fire department and amateur radio are there to help with traffic control, but the roads are still open to traffic.  Be on the lookout much like you would on a training ride.  There will be one water stop on the bike near mile 11.  The finish is a nice downhill.  Remember we have to see your number when you cross the finish line.  Immediately after finishing, SLOW DOWN.  We will get your timing chip back and give you a finisher’s medal before you head back to the park.  State Route 571 is very busy and the road is open so please BE CAREFUL after you finish.  Remember too that some may finish before all the bikes have even left the park so make sure to give those starting out on the bike plenty of room to get out of the park.   Please note, they just put down new/loose gravel at the bottom of the long hill on Kessler-Frederick to Monroe-Concord.  BE CAREFUL! 

A few notes about after the race…  solo participants will have to go to the canoe takeout to get your kayak or boat.  We don’t want to be responsible for any damage caused in transit.  Remember to get all of the things you brought…  double check.  Make sure if you threw something in the back of the truck at the canoe take-out that you have that.  Make sure you have your running shoes, your bike helmet, etc…

After the race, pizza will be provided in 3 waves.  Take advantage, but also be mindful that there may be a lot of people that finish after you.  If the pizza runs out, don’t worry, another delivery is only a few minutes away. 

A final activity as part of the post race is a kids run.  The kids run takes place at about 11:00 in the grassy area next to the registration shelter.  All kids will receive a past West Milton Triathlon medal for participation!  Also near 11:00, we will draw for our door prizes – several Speedy Feet visors, free entry to Miamisburg Triathlon, in addition to our $50 and $250 cash door prizes!

We will post results and pictures to our website (www.speedy-feet.com) as soon as we possibly can on Saturday afternoon/early evening.  Be sure to check them out and then as you reflect on how much fun you had sign up for the Miamisburg Canoe Tri in August!


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