Grinding up Granite

Other, 5K

Event Date

Sat, Nov 9, 2019


Wausau, WI


Activity Today Later

Freestyle Rollerski - Adult

$15 $15 Closed

Classic Rollerski - Adult

$15 $15 Closed

Freestyle Roller Ski - Student

$7 $7 Closed

Classic Roller Ski - Student

$7 $7 Closed

Both Classic and Freestyle Rollerski - Adult

$20 $20 Closed

Both Classic and Freestyle Rollerski -Student

$10 $10 Closed

Run/Walk - Adult

$15 $15 Closed

Run/Walk - Student

$7 $7 Closed

Bike - Adult

$15 $15 Closed

Bike - Student

$7 $7 Closed

About This Activity

Join us for a race up Rib Mountain (aka as Granite Peak).  You have the choice of participating in a run/walk, bike, or rollersking to the top.  Races will start at South Mountain Elementary and go up to the top of Rib Mountain on the park road.  The finish line will be at the lookout tower unless snowmaking has begun on the ski hill.  If snowmaking has begun, all races will end at the ranger station.  There is a paved walking path on the side of the road for the runners and walkers.  The rolllerski and bike will go up on the road.  The road was recently repaved a few years ago and is in excellent condition for rollerskiing.

The distance for all events is about 5km and involves about 500 feet of vertical climb.  This is a very popular route for locals who want to get in a workout and enjoy the setting that Rib Mountain has to offer.  The race is an opportunity to challenge yourself and friends to this feat of endurance and perseverance.

NEW IN 2019 - Grinding up Granite is part of the CXC Rollerski Cup series.  The CXC Rollerski Cup consists of three events: the Rollerski Loppet in Minneapolis,  the "Up Up and Away" 10k Classic race in Blue Mound, WI and Grinding Up Granite (Skate).  Racers in this division will be required to ski on a pool of Swenor Race Skis.  Racers must be active members of CXC.  There is an additional $5 fee to participate in this event.

A couple of rules to keep in mind.  Helmets are required for the rollerski and bike event and rollerskiing down the hill is not allowed for safety reasons.  A shuttle bus will be provided to take anyone back down who chooses not to walk back down.  

Those wishing to park in the State Park at the top of the hill will be required to pay the daily admission fee for state parks.

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