September Challenge-Race to hit your mileage!

Event Date

Mon, Sep 1, 2014


Washington, DC

About This Activity

September's Challenge~

This challenge is to race against the other runners in your category. Pick a category that will challenge you. Here are the 3 categories:

1) Race to get to 30 miles- which averages a mile a day

2) Race to get to 60 miles- which averages 2 miles a day.

3) Race to 100 miles- which averages to 3.33 miles a day. 


We will be keeping track of who hits their mileage by either runkeeper or mapmyrun which are both free on your smartphones.

All 3 of these categories gets a medal for completing this challenge. The 30 mile Challenge get the medal, the 60 mile Challenge gets a medal and your choice of our t-shirt and the 100 mile Challenge gets a medal, a coice of tshirt and a necklace!

All you have to do is sign up for the event and once you hit your mileage, you just send us an email so we can verify your mileage. We opperate on a honor system and trust you are running or walking instead of driving your car or riding your bike. Once we recieve your email, we will send out your package. 

Event details and schedule

Go at your own pace. If you need to walk...then walk. If you want to jog...then jog. Don't push yourself into an injury. We want this to be a friendly and fun challenge!

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