Run Through History - 400 Miles


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Mon, Mar 1, 2021


Washington, DC


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Run Through History - 400 Miles

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About This Activity

Fitness Heights International and Double Back Productions have partnered to bring you a "Virtual Run through History - 400 Miles from 1619 and the Door of No Return."

Participation Options- Run/Walk/Cycle/Swim or Hike - Register as an Individual or Team by 3/15

Register as an Individual and complete 4 Miles between 3/1 and 4/15
Register as an individual and  complete 40 Miles between 3/ and 4/15
Register as a team and complete 400 Miles together between 3/1 and 4/15The team can decide how many miles each person, based on the endurance level of the participant:
Example for Team Miles Split - 10 team members - 40 Miles each-  Complete between 3/1 and 4/15
Example for Team Miles Split - 15 team members - 26 Miles each plus 10 miles split between the faster ones in the group - Complete between 3/1 and 4/15
Example for Team Miles Split -   5 team members - 80 Miles each  - Complete between 3/1 and 4/15
Example for Team Miles Split -   3 team members - 170 Miles, 170 Miles and 160 Miles per person - Complete between 3/1 and 4/15
All Finishers submit your team finish and get your Run Through History Swag Bag-Commemorative "400 Miles - Door of No Return" Premium Medal
Commemorative Souvenir Shirt : Black Shirt with the words "400 - 1619 Door of No Return"
Distribution will be done in multiple deliveries 4/1 to 4/30. 
All participants will receive their Run through History Swag Bag
Take on the challenge and Run through History with this Historical Race - Checklist of what you get with this deal:

Each virtual registrant will earn the Premiere "400 Historical Medal" plus the Black Shirt with the 400 Medal - 1619 image with the Door of No Return
Guest Speakers - We will take you through History, each week by interviewing Guest Speakers who will share their story
A Word from Give Black Foundation - Traveling to Ghana and what they learned along this journey, plus information on a 2021 Trip
Weekly historical Facts are emailed to each registered:  Learn about Robert Smalls, Shirley Chisholm, Martin Luther King, etc.
Travel groups Speak out -why they recommend Ghana, Tanzania, Senegal and more.
Each week, our Fitness Coach will send you tips on how to make it through your 400 Mile Journey.
Athletes Talk - Hear about their journey and experiences that will enlighten you plus they will give tips on their plans to make it through this journey.We will hear from local runners, walkers, hikers, bikers, swimmers - all qualify exercise to get you and/or your team through the 400 Miles Journey
How do I get started: Register today! The sooner you register, the clock tick and the miles start! 

Decide if you will register as an Individual for 4 or 40 Miles or a Team with a goal of 400 Miles
If registering a team, identify a captain to help with setting up the Plan and capturing the Miles
Decide how you will track your miles - Track miles by posting daily to your Instagram, Facebook or blog and use the hashtag #RTH400 and/or #RunThruHistory #BikeThruHistory #WalkThruHistory #SwimThruHistory #HikeThruHistory
Join our group on the Strava App - where you can upload and track your miles in real-time. Look for Fitness Heights International - Run Through History.
Join our Facebook group where we will encourage each other and report our progress on Friday of each week. 
Announce when you reach your goal, whether it is 4 Miles, 40 Miles for the Month or 400 team Miles .you have reached the Finish Line. 
You will reach the Finish Line by 4/15.
Get Ready to join this Run Historical movement! Post pictures of your training, post about our history speakers and historical facts. post when you run, walk, hike, bike, inside or outside of the house. Treadmills, indoor bikes, indoor workouts all count to help you through this journey. Get your teams together -everyone is welcome to exercise, learn history and keep each other accountable as we move through history. 

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