The Amazing Doggy Swami 10K

Event Date

Mon, Oct 10, 2016


Washington, CT

About This Activity

Sit back, relax, and channel your inner Taylor Doose voice.

Welcome once again good townspeople. Please settle down, I know you are all excited to hear this very special announcement, but I cannot go forward until you are all sitting quietly in your seats.

As you are aware, autumn is upon us. The leaves are changing, apples are being harvested, tourists are flooding our streets and it is time for our beloved Fall Festival.

I am well aware of how seriously you all take your festival booths and starting this year, the Town of Stars Hollow will immortalize one of them in the form of an organized road race which includes a limited edition medal for all finishers. A huge thank you goes out to our newly founded virtual running club for organizing and sponsoring this new and exciting event.
This year’s lucky booth is...Lorelai Gilmore's “The Amazing Doggy Swami". Truth be told, I'm not entirely sure why you all love this booth so much, but if it's what you want it is what you shall have.

The Stars Hollow Running Club has put together an amazing event! The 2.75 x 2.75 inch Amazing Doggy Swami 10K medal was painstakingly designed with the likeness of dog Paul Anka (not to be confused with the human Paul Anka) in his feathered Swami turban and comes hanging on a yellow/gold ribbon.

I find the idea of this new event rather intoxicating and look forward to strapping on my snazzy new walking shoes (size 6.5 narrow) and joining along in this fun fueled jaunt around town. I expect all of you to show your town spirit by registering for this event with your friends, your children, your dogs and your favorite dance marathon partners.
Michel, I do expect to see you there with Paw-Paw, though I will ask you to please keep him far from me. I know you have not forgotten that he ate my loafer on the night of the test run for The Dragonfly. I certainly have not.
Registration for this event will be $25 ($30 for international participants).

In addition to the limited edition medal you will receive with your registration a professionally printed race bib and pin kit and some small gifts from some of Stars Hollow’s favorite sons and daughters. There will also be the option (outside of registration) to purchase one of three limited edition Amazing Doggy Swami T-shirts on our teepublic shop.

Lorelai has told me that she spoke with Paul Anka (the dog, or maybe the person, who knows with Lorelai) and has chosen the charity Paws and Stripes for our partner for this race

Paws and Stripes is a nonprofit organization providing service dogs for wounded military veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury through integrating service dog training and education with mental health support.
“The number of military veterans returning from combat with PTSD and TBI is staggering, but service dogs can help them live better lives.
The problem is, insurance companies don’t cover the cost of service dogs for veterans with these medical issues, and privately, it costs from $10,000 to $60,000 for the dog and its training.
This is where Paws and Stripes comes in. We provide service dogs for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. Most importantly, we do it for free, at no cost to the veteran to enroll.
Paws and Stripes began in 2010 when Lindsey Stanek’s ex-husband, Jim, faced PTSD and TBI. After seeing the impact therapy dogs had on him while he was in treatment, she began to pursue getting a service dog for him. She soon learned about the difficult and expensive process involved, so she started her own organization to help veterans for free.

Complete training for a Paws and Stripes veteran/dog team is funded solely through donations. The veterans are never obligated to pay a penny for successfully completing the program.
We only adopt dogs from local shelters rather than getting ones especially bred for the job, and highly trained service dog trainers work with the veteran and dog teams. We believe in saving lives, together, two at a time.”

The Paws and Stripes is funded through generous grants and donations from people like you. Veterans are never obligated to pay a penny of the program's costs to enroll.

Along with the donation that The Stars Hollow Running Club will make to Paws and Stripes with the proceeds from race registration fees, Coffee Sleeves, and T-Shirt sales, you are welcome and encouraged to make a direct donation to Paws and Stripes.

The suggested run date for this race is November 11th, Veterans Day, which we think is the perfect day considering our charity partner. That being said, we encourage you to complete your distance however and whenever you would like. Run, walk, bike, swim. For those of you with pets who run, we would love to see a picture of the two of you supporting Paws & Stripes.

**There have been some enhancements to the registration process:

1. Stars Hollow Running Club wants to encourage you to run with friends. So, if you register three or more people at the same time you will receive a $4.00 discount on each registration fee. On the sign up page be sure to select the Multi-Person Pricing option.

2. Our members have done such an amazing job of spreading the word that we have put a referral program into place. When you register for The Amazing Doggy Swami 10K you will be given a unique referral code/link which you can use on your website or any social media format of your choosing. Referrals from your unique code will be tracked and every member who refers 5 or more people (who register for this event) will receive a coupon for 15% off of the registration fee for our next event (which will come before the holidays).

3. We have added a section where you can add a limited edition coffee sleeve (or 5 or 10 of them) to your registration. These unique sleeves are offered for $1.00 each and the entire purchase price goes directly to Paws & Stripes. Show your SHRC pride and help us sell out our entire stock.

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