ReRun Season

Event Date

Mon, Jul 17, 2017


Washington, CT

About This Activity

Welcome to Stars Hollow Running Club "Rerun Season".

Long ago, before we had DVRs and Netflix (and Hulu and whatnot) and there were only a handful of channels on our televisions Summer was traditionally filled with reruns. That makes these months between the end of one school year and the beginning of another the perfect time to offer "reruns" of our events from the 2016/17 school year.

Year one, our debut year, was filled to the brim with eclectic Gilmore Girls inspired events. Many joined us on this coffee fueled dance marathon of fitness fun from the very beginning, but for those of you who missed a race or two we've opened up all SEVEN events, plus our 2 community outreach initiatives for "reruns".

Registration for all of the events and community outreach initiatives opens on July 17th and closes on August 17th. This will be your last chance to collect the medals/pins from the 2016/17 season.

The process for Reruns registration is a bit different than that for our regular events. When you arrive on the registration page you will see that there is an immediate $3.00 fee. This fee covers the shipping for anything (and everything) that you register for.

Once you have started your registration process you can pick and choose which events you would like to register for.
The cost of registration for each race* is $20 and $8 for the community outreach initiatives. *Registration for the In Omnia Paratus Half Marathon remains at $27.

Race packets will include the medal and bib from each race that you register for.

Medals will be sent out the week after registration closes.

T-shirts for every one of our races are available for purchase in our TeePublic shop.

Founders Day 5K:
Our very first race whose proceeded benefit the Daughters of the American Revolution.

This 2.5" round medal with the Stars Hollow gazebo was the perfect symbol for our very first event.
Doggy Swami 10K:
Paul Anka is front and left in this colorful 2.5" round medal. Proceeds from Doggy Swami benefit Paws and Stripes.
Smell of Snow Half Marathon
"I smell snow..." This was one of the most iconic Gilmore Girls episodes and the ice rink that Luke built for Lorelai still makes our hearts go pitter patter.

This gorgeous 3.5" medal is beautifully detailed with both a snow flake and our representation of Lorelai's vintage ice skate. Proceeds from Smell of Snow go to the Winchester Emergency Shelter.
**Smell of Snow also ran hand in hand with our first community outreach initiative.
Daisy Dash 5K:
Lorelai is all about daisies, so we wanted to celebrate 1000 yellow daisies with our first race of 2017. The bright yellows and pinks and the gorgeous translucent mason jar that make up this stunning 3.5" medal were perfect for driving away the winter doldrums.

Proceeds from Daisy Dash go to Urban Sprouts.
Eternal Damnation Tour 10K:
While this race was a little bit wacky we wanted to pay homage to Hep Alien as well as the delicate relationship between Lane and Mrs. Kim. Vivid colors and funky patterns make up our 3.5" interpretation of a Hep Alien album cover. This medal also shows off our first custom printed neck ribbon.

Proceeds from EDT10K go to Rejoice School of Ballet.
**EDT10K ran hand in hand with our second community service initiative of the year.
Taste of Rebellion 15K:
Breakfast in Lorelai's house wouldn't be breakfast if there weren't pop tarts on the table, and we celebrate that humble breakfast pastry with this huge 4" pastry medal.

Proceeds from Taste of Rebellion go to Blessings in a Backpack.
In Omnia Paratus Half Marathon:
"You jump, I jump, Jack" may have been our favorite episode of all time! For our final event of the 2016/17 season we brought the In Omnia Paratus spirit to life with this STUNNING 4.5" medal and coordinating neck ribbon.

Proceeds from the IOP13.1 go to A Kid Again.
**The Life and Death Brigade - Year 1
With this community outreach initiative we asked our members to further help the Winchester Emergency shelter by sending pillows/pillowcases to help fill their greatest need through the year. In return, members were initiated into the SHRC Life and Death Brigade and received a beautiful umbrella lapel pin.

During "Reruns" all of the proceeds from purchases of the LDB lapel pin will go towards a bulk purchase of pillows and pillow cases for the Winchester Emergency Shelter.
**Miss Patty's Sugarplums
With this community outreach initiative we asked members to give a little bit of extra help to Rejoice School of Ballet as they tried to raise funds specific to the purchase of a new used floor from the Nashville Ballet. As this specific need has already been met proceeds from the purchase of the Sugarplums lapel pin will go directly to Rejoice School of Ballet.

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