In Omnia Paratus Half Marathon

Event Date

Sat, Jun 3, 2017


Washington, CT

About This Activity

You look like you need a little adventure.

Imagine, if you will, a darkened pub. A group of well dressed people is huddled around a table in the corner and there is a gorilla mask on a chair. Someone says the words, “In omnia paratus” and you find yourself straining to overhear what they are discussing.

You have stumbled upon a meeting of The Life and Death Brigade and soon enough you will find yourself pulled into the middle of their latest adventure.

Welcome to The In Omnia Paratus - Half Marathon. Presented by Stars Hollow Running Club and The Life and Death Brigade. Pull on your running shoes and your gorilla masks and join in on this epic adventure.

For those of you who are new to the idea of virtual races Finn suggested that we take a tiny moment to give you the lay of the land. All in all it’s a quite simple process, but we all know that new things can be intimidating.

In omnia paratus! With this event we embrace the motto of The Life and Death Brigade and the magic that their gatherings brought to the Gilmore Girls world. We are ready for anything!

The suggested run date for the In Omnia Paratus Half Marathon is June 20th which is the first day of Summer and the perfect day to embark on a new adventure.

Registration for this event will be $27 ($32 for international participants). Registration will be open from 6/03 – 7/01. Registration slots are limited, so do not hesitate. Once this race has sold out it will be gone forever.

With your registration you will receive a race packet which includes a custom designed 4.5” medal with coordinating custom ribbon, a race bib professionally printed on Tyvek material and a tiny token or two from some of Stars Hollow’s favorite sons and daughters. There is also be the option (outside of registration) to purchase one of our limited edition T-shirts.

The medal for this event is magnificent. Designed by Anna Benjamin to emulate the blue gown and scarf that Logan chose for Rory to wear to her first Life and Death Brigade event. The custom sublimated ribbon mimics the scarf she wore and the actual jump from the scaffolding is depicted through illustrated wind and clouds as well as the iconic black umbrellas.

As has become custom, we have turned to one of our beloved townspeople to help Stars Hollow Running Club choose the charity that will benefit from the proceeds of their race. Finn will be the “patron saint” of The In Omnia Paratus Half Marathon and he has chosen “A Kid Again” as our charity partner.

“We exist to foster hope, happiness, and healing for families raising kids with life-threatening illnesses. A Kid Again is specifically designed to involve the entire family (not just the child who is ill) to improve the well-being of everyone affected by the situation. This helps protect and strengthen the children’s primary support network during the most difficult period of their lives.”

“Year ‘round fun-filled adventures that allow children with life-threatening illnesses to feel like A Kid Again. Unlike other “wish” organizations, A Kid Again works to create a communal and interactive environment. Our program establishes ongoing, nurturing experiences that complement but do not overtake their day-to-day living.”

We are so excited to be presenting this event to you and to be supporting “A Kid Again” with the proceeds. Thank you for all of your support and for taking our hands and trusting us as we jump time and time again. We could not have asked for a better group of people to go on an adventure with and we are looking forward to many many more adventures to come.

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