Founders Day 5K

Event Date

Thu, Sep 1, 2016


Washington, CT

About This Activity

Sit back, relax, and channel your inner Taylor Doose voice.

Townspeople, I know that for years you have wanted additional avenues for your exercising needs and now your dream has come true! Fortunately for the citizens of Stars Hollow, the fine people at Stars Hollow Running Club are pleased to announce their first event: The Founders Day 5K, just in time to coincide with our annual Founders Day Festival.

A beautiful 2.5 by 2.5 inch medal has been meticulously designed to depict our beloved gazebo in the middle of the Town Square. I find the whole thing rather intoxicating! I lobbied the race coordinators for weeks, and I was able to secure this prestigious honor for our town. Maybe the incentive of a beautiful medal will keep some of you from dipping into that so called "punch" of Miss Patty's. I daresay it was quite embarrassing a few years back when that girl gallivanted through the town square without her shoes on. I expect you all to show your town spirit and register for this monumentous event, yes even you Lorelai.

I can see that you are all very excited about this, so let me segue into the informational portion of our gathering. Our race, and all races offered following this one, will be virtual. Meaning that you can run where and when you want. Which allows us all to avoid the problem of over-crowding and litter that so often accompany these kinds of events. I'm sure you all remember how much work it was to clean up after the bike marathon that rode through town? And heaven knows how much trouble Woodbury had when they hosted that "Across the State" race last year. I can assure you, it was quite the hassle for them.
Registration for this event is $25 ($30 for our international participants)

Additionally, with your registration you will earn a professionally printed race bib and there is also the option of buying a limited edition Founder's Day 5K Race shirt at:

Registration for this event will be open until the end of September or until the medals sell out.

I would be remiss if I did not mention that the proceeds from the Founders Day 5K, including the Booster T-shirt sales, will go to the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution). For more than a century, the members of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution have dedicated themselves to historical preservation, promotion of education, and encouragement of patriotic endeavor. These goals are as relevant in today's society as they were when the organization was founded in 1890.

Most of DAR's volunteer work is accomplished by the grassroots efforts of chapters on the local level which focus on the mission areas of DAR by encouraging members to become involved in these initiatives in their local communities. Learn what DAR does to promote Historic Preservation, Education and Patriotism.

The Stars Hollow Running Club is thrilled to be able to support this organization and the preservation of our American history.

The suggested date for this event is Thursday, September 22, which is Autumnal Equinox. A perfect way to celebrate the first day of Fall. Remember that this is only a suggestion. You are free to run/walk/crawl your 5K whenever and however you want.

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