Daisy Dash 5K

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Fri, Jan 6, 2017


Washington, CT

About This Activity

Townspeople! Please settle into your seats so that we can commence this special Town Meeting. Babette! I know that I have spoken to you about bringing pets into Town Meeting. Don't think I don't see that kitten in your bag.

The topic of today's meeting was brought to me by my once upon a time political adversary, Jackson Belleville. Jackson has been our most prominent local grower of local produce for nearly three decades and has recently expanded his horticultural curiosities to all manner of blossoms.

As you know, we have a certain town resident with a proclivity for yellow daisies, and that certain resident convinced Jackson to plant an entire meadow of the delicate (yet wild!) blooms this past summer. Thousands and thousands of yellow daisies brought more tourists to our little hamlet than even our Fall foliage did.

With the overwhelming popularity of the daisy meadow, Jackson has proposed that we celebrate the humble yellow daisy and its power over the hearts and minds of all that encounter it. So, as the farmers wait to sow their fields, I pronounce these frigid Winter weeks between New Year's Day and Valentine's Day as DAISY DAYS.

Our very own Stars Hollow Running Club will be kicking off DAISY DAYS with their "Daisy Dash 5K'. A virtual race that will help to not only keep your blood pumping in these Winter months, but that will also help to raise funds for charity.

As we go forward please remember that you are more than welcome (and encouraged) to break this distance into manageable chunks so that you can run/walk it as it best suits your fitness level and goals. Registration for this event will be $27 ($32 for international participants).

In addition to the limited edition medal you will receive with your registration a race bib professionally printed on Tyvek material and a tiny token or two from some of Stars Hollow’s favorite sons and daughters. There is also be the option (outside of registration) to purchase one of four different limited edition yellow daisies T-shirts.

Lorelai was lucky enough to have the opportunity to choose the charity for Stars Hollow Running Club’s last two events, so this time I asked her to pass the torch to Jackson who close “Urban Sprouts” as the charity partner for the Daisy Dash.

Urban Sprouts, using research-tested programming, has created culturally relevant and enriching opportunities for youth and their families to connect with food and natural environments. Urban Sprouts principally services historically under-resourced neighborhoods and public housing communities in southeast San Francisco: the Mission, Excelsior, Bayview-Hunters Point and Visitation Valley. In partnership with the San Francisco Unified School District, San Francisco Department of Public Health and a network of community based organizations, Urban Sprouts’ project-based learning approach delivers environmental and nutrition education; advances student and family health by promoting the increased consumption of fresh produce through food and garden-based activities; bolsters academic success; provides youth and adults with job-skill training and employment opportunities.

Urban Sprouts’ program model enhances the learning environment in three ways.

First, the physical school garden teaches youth and their families how to build and maintain gardens and how to plant, tend, harvest, prepare and eat fresh produce through hands-on experience.

Second, curriculum teaches knowledge and critical-thinking about healthy food choices and the environment, through hands-on science experiments, interactive problem-solving activities, and reading and discussion assignments that provoke critical-thinking and debate.

Third, hands-on group project work in the garden builds participants’ emotional and social health, or resiliency assets, like confidence, responsibility, decision-making, empowerment, problem-solving, self-efficacy and cooperation. Strong resiliency assets further strengthen adoption of positive health behaviors, while giving participants the leadership skills to share learning and make change in their homes and communities.

The suggested run date for Daisy Dash is February 14th (Valentine’s Day). A day to that we would love to propose that you celebrate not only those that you love, but love of yourself. Take a little bit of time out to love your body and your soul.

Race registration will run between January 6th and January 30th. Once registration closes race packets will be prepared and sent to you in the first week of February. You should have your packets in time to take pictures of YOUR Daisy Dash with your medal, bib and whatever other little treasures may be included.

**There have been some enhancements to the registration process**

Our members have done such an amazing job of spreading the word that we have put a referral program into place. When you register for The Daisy Dash, you will be given a unique referral code/link which you can use on your website or social media format of your choosing. Referrals from your unique code will be tracked and every member who refers 5 or more people (who register for this event) will receive a coupon for 15% off of the registration fee for our next event.

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