14 South County Ladies Travel Team

Event Date

Mon, Jun 23, 2014


Wakefield, RI

About This Activity

LEVELS: 2.5 thru 4.5 - Combo League

We are a COMBO league, which means that when we play other teams they have teams of varying abilities. We set up the week before each match, what levels of play we will bring to a match.

2013 Matches examples

June 28?: TUES Pt Judith 10:00 - AWAY - ALL WHITE

June 29?: Saunderstown Yacht Club - 9:30 HOME

July 6: SC - Narragansett - 9:00 - HOME

July 13?: Bailey's Beach 9:15 - AWAY - ALL WHITE

July 19?: TUES Hall of Fame 11:30 - AWAY

July 20?: Conanicut - 10:00 - AWAY - ALL WHITE

July 27?: Quannie - 9:30 - AWAY

Aug 3?: Bailey's Beach - 9:15 - AWAY - ALL WHITE

Aug 3?: West Bay - 9:30 - HOME


Friday mornings 8:00-9:00 am Curtis Corner Middle School with Pro Lisa Vinacco and 1/2-1 hour - matches afterward.

Monday morning practice - 8:00-9:30, play for positions for upcoming matches is on your own at Broad Rock Middle School.


Matches will need to be played ahead of time to find out what positions/rank where everybody belongs. Some locations have 4 teams, others 6 and 8. I know that summer time is tough and maybe you cannot commit to every match, but if we have enough people it won’t matter. We can have built in backups. EVERYONE WILL PLAY EVERY WEEK - even if we are only playing amongst ourselves.

Your performance at all matches will reflect on your placement for future matches.

Coordinators reserve the right to move players around as they deem necessary, so do not be disappointed if you do not play each week with a particular person, we will be looking to see who will work best together for the benefit of the whole team.


$60.00 per person

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