The Ultimate SaberQuest: Light Saber "Combat For Charity"

Event Date

Sat, Mar 24, 2018


Virginia Beach, VA

About This Activity

Come Join Us For The World's Largest Light Saber

"Combat For Charity" Competition And Expo

Our first annual charity event, SaberQuest, will take place on March 24th & 25th at the Virginia Beach Field House. Our beneficiaries this year are The Masonic Ascent Association Inc. and All In For Autism, and we’re looking to raise $25,000. We can’t meet our goal without the help of individuals like your.

By becoming one of our supporters, you’ll be helping SaberQuest and All In For Autism Resource And Support Group.

 The goal of SaberQuest is to use its Light Saber Sports and Fitness Programs to help address the
growing problems of inactivity and obesity among American children and youth. Today, there are nearly twice as many overweight children and almost three times as many overweight adolescents as there were in 1980. Our Light Saber Sports And Fitness Programs are designed to impact the lives of youths nationwide. Our program is designed to instill active lifestyle values that will last far beyond graduation. Through Light Saber physical activity, youth in our program learn to set and reach goals, value fitness, and develop self-confidence. Your donation will help expand our Light Saber Sports and Fitness Programs in the coming year and enable SaberQuest to offer more free and low-cost opportunities for these young athletes.

 The "All In For Autism" Association Resource And Support Group is a start up seeking to provide support for families of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. We provide fun, safe and judgment free activities and resources for our children, as well as their family members. The "All In For Autism" Association also offers support, resource and information sharing sessions for family members.

All donations are tax deductible and are received directly by our Partner and Sponsor; The Masonic Ascent Association Inc., a Virginia State Non-Profit, Tax Exempt 501c-10.

Saberation In Partnership With LudoSport Hampton Roads, The All In For Autism Association (Resources And Support) And The Masonic Ascent Association Inc., Have Joined Forced To Bring You The ULTIMATE SABERQUEST.

Discover How To Manifest The Light Saber Into A Therapeutic Enhancer Of Human Abilities Both Physically, Mentally And Emotionally.

The Ultimate Saber Quest March 24-25, 2018 

2 Days of Saber Games, Competitions, Music, Food and Fun.

  • Featuring Martial Instruction,
  • Advance Light Saber Weapons Classes,
  • Beginner Light Saber Training Workshops
  • Vendor Areas,
  • Industry VIP Discussion Panels,
  • Trade Exhibitions,
  • Music DJ Entertainment
  • And A Galactic Afterparty.

Over 130,000 sq. ft Of...

  • Light Saber Combat Competition
  • Light Saber Family Olympic Games
  • Light Saber Fitness Workout Class
  • Light Saber 2 Day Bootcamp
  • Light Saber Virtual Reality Games
  • Light Saber Spinning Workshop
  • And Much More...

Saber Challenge: April 21. 2018 

The World's LARGEST Light Saber Combat Instructional Class EVER !

Attempting to break the World Record will amplify awareness and the importance of implementing Physical Education Programs for Body, Mind and Emotion, utilizing a Sporting Light Saber Curriculum. With the support and leadership of our community, we can establish a New World Record of 10,000.

Students — who are often faced with challenging circumstances — can particularly benefit from new and positive ways of viewing themselves and the world around them. Such new perspectives can be found in the physical and mental training — and philosophical, cultural and ethical perspectives — embedded in Sporting Light Saber Combat And Fitness Classes. New possibilities open up for the students when they are equipped with new skills, stronger bodies, and connections to a practice and to positive role models.

Clearly the need to increase physical activity among our youth is imperative, given the disturbing national statistics on childhood obesity and other youth-related health issues. School-based programs provide a valuable opportunity to do just that. These programs have a positive impact not only on students but also on their families, teachers and communities.

Virginia is home to thinkers, dreamers and leaders. It is time we make it also known for our ability to rekindle the spark of creativity fitness and adventure.

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