Tunnel Hill 100

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Sat, Nov 11, 2017


Vienna, IL

About This Activity

Western States 100 Qualifier
Great news!! The 2017 Tunnel Hill 100 is a 2019 Western States 100 qualifying race. This means that if you finish in the allotted 30 hours, you qualify to place your name into the lottery for the 2019 WSER. You will still need to follow the protocol listed on their website.

USATF Sanctioned Event - Courses Certified
The 2017 Tunnel Hill 100, and 50 mile runs are sanctioned by the USATF. USATF rules will be used, so you should familiarize yourself with these rules. In particular, you are NOT allowed to receive aid from your crew if you are outside of a designated aid station area. There will be plenty of room designated near the established stations.

100 mile USATF course certification #IL17003BW

50 mile USATF course certification #IL17004BW

IAAF certification # USA-2017-011

How Fast do you want to run?
Looking for your first 100? How about your first sub 24? Sub 20? Lower?
It's possible here at Tunnel Hill. 
Mike Bialick's 12:52:53 in 2015 was the fastest 100 miles on trail by 40 minutes. Large % of first time finishers in the 100 or the 50 miles. Many personal records. 
Why not you?

Welcome to the 4th annual Tunnel Hill 100/50
Living in nearby Paducah, KY, I spent many days on the Tunnel Hill rails to trails.
I was fascinated by the old train trestles, the gorgeous scenery, and most of all, the dark, cool tunnel.. Even though I knew that trains ran through it, I was always fearful of running into the wall... it seemed to narrow on you as you approached the middle. 
After I ran my first 100 miler in 2004 I started to think of hosting a 100 on the Tunnel Hill trails. It took several years, but in 2014 we hosted our first
What a great course it is, too! Fast! I'm thinking there is an excellent argument that this could be the fastest hundred miler in the United States. 
There are no altitude issues... elevation runs between 340' and 680' above sea level. 
No humongous hills, in fact, no hills... instead a gentle 2% grade. 
No trip hazards to contend with at night... this is a crushed limestone, smooth trail. And, we are having it in mid November to take out the hot, humid days.

This just seems to be the perfect 100 miler for first time hundreds (and everyone wants to run 100 miles now, don't they? The same runners who, several years ago, were facing their first marathons).
It's also ideal for veterans to break that elusive 24 hour barrier, or for faster runners to finally crack 20 hours.

Seems like only a matter of time until someone crushes the Fastest Known Time for 100 miles on a trail. Mike Bialick of Minnetonka MN cruised to a 12:52:53 in 2015.
Coree Woltering ran a 5:30:15 for 50 miles!!

Annnd... don't think that because it's a rails trail that it will be boring... nothing further from the truth... the trail cuts beautifully through gorgeous overlooks, using some very cool bridges. It'll leave you breathless

Thanks to the River to River Runners Club, West Kentucky Runners Club, and the wonderful people of Vienna, IL and Johnson Co. and those at Tunnel Hill State Trail.
We're looking forward to being your host!

Steve Durbin - Race Director

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