Guest Speakers - Luke Humphrey & Mike Morgan - Hansons Brooks Distance Project

Event Date

Wed, Mar 25, 2015


Valparaiso, IN

About This Activity

Luke Humphrey, co-author of Hansons Half Marathon Method & Hansons Marathon Method and owner of Hansons Coaching Services, and Mike Morgan, coach at Hansons Coaching Services, will be sharing insights on half and full marathon training; along with insights on getting ready for the Boston Marathon at the Extra Mile Fitness Company on Wednesday, March 25th at 6:00 p.m.

Both Luke and Mike are current members of the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project, qualifiers for the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials in Los Angeles in February 2016. In addition, they both completed the 2015 Disney Half Marathon in 1:08.55 and the 2014 Bank of America Chicago Marathon with Mike finishing in 2:14.42 placing 13th and Luke completing the 26.2 mile course in 2:18.19 placing 27th.

During the speaking engagement, the Extra Mile Fitness Company will be selling both of Luke’s books - Hansons Half-Marathon Method and Hansons Marathon Method. Todd and Heather Henderlong, owners of the Extra Mile Fitness Company, realize the importance of proven training methods are very excited to share Luke’s training programs with the running community of Northwest Indiana. Heather shares, “I had the opportunity to utilize the Hansons Marathon Method and Mike Morgan’s coaching services for a marathon I ran last fall. I was thrilled with the results of the program and with my performance at the 2014 Des Moines Marathon. This was my 18th marathon and thanks to the training program I was able to run my second best marathon time on a very challenging course. I would attribute the performance to the coaching of Mike and his ability to provide me with proper pacing guidelines for both my training and also the race. I really wanted to share this positive experience with our local running community.”

Hansons Half-Marathon Method is for new runners as well as those who want to power up their racing with a specialized half-marathon training program. The book offers Beginner and Advanced training plans as well as a welcoming Just Finish program for newer runners.

Hansons athlete and coach Luke Humphrey explores the differences between the Hansons method and other training programs and then shows runners how to make the Hansons half-marathon training program their own. He guides runners through choosing the right training plan and offers a practical guide to setting race finish time goals. Humphrey reveals the Hansons approach to precise half-marathon pacing, showing runners how to find their most effective paces for the Hansons SOS (“something of substance”) workouts—speed, strength, tempo, long, and easy runs. He coaches runners on how to modify the plans to work around busy schedules and missed workouts. He answers frequently asked questions on switching workout days, managing fatigue, incorporating races into training, and adding mileage.

Hansons Marathon Method does away with mega-long runs and high-mileage weekends—two outdated traditions that make most runners miserable. Instead, runners using the Hansons method will gradually build up to the moderate-high mileage required for marathon success, spreading those miles more sensibly throughout the week. Running easy days mixed with precisely paced speed, strength, and tempo workouts, runners will steel their bodies and minds to run the hardest miles of the marathon.

Both Beginner and Advanced training programs feature the unique Hansons 16-mile long run which, as part of the Hansons program, is ideal for preparing the body for the marathon. Humphrey explains how runners should set their goal race pace and shows how to customize the Hansons method to their own needs, like adding extra racing, running more miles, and handling training interruptions.

Detailed nutrition and hydration chapters help runners pinpoint their personal energy and hydration needs so they know precisely how much to eat and drink during workouts, race week, race day, and for recovery. The Hansons approach to pacing and nutrition means marathoners will never hit the wall.

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