Kirby McRill 5K Walk

Event Date

Sat, Jun 21, 2014


Tonganoxie, KS

About This Activity

1st Annual Kirby McRill 5K Walk to benefit Heartland Habitat for Humanity

June 21st, 2014

1.     ROUTEThe route is the equivalent of a 5K run, 3.11 miles.

2.     WALK:    Participants are required to walk and not run.  Any contestant caught running will forfeit the race for him/herself and his/her team. Participants are required to keep on the marked trail.

3.     TEAMS: Participants will compete in teams of four (4).  The minimum age to compete is 7 years.

There is a limit of forty (40) teams (160 participants).

Registration will begin at 7:00 a.m. Teams will be assigned a team number based on a first-come/first served basis.

Team #1 will leave at 8:00 a.m. sharp. Each successive team will start three (3) minutes after the team in front of them.  Teams will be assigned a starting time based on a first-come/first-served basis.

Teams will be given a scorecard at registration that will be marked with the start time.

Teams will come upon 5 stations at which they will be required to complete the designated task before be allowed to proceed.

The station volunteer will mark the team’s scorecard upon completion of the task by all team members.

The team will turn in its scorecard at the finish point.

4.     SCORES: Score cards will be tallied for the fastest time.

5.     ENFORCEMENT OF RULES: Rules will be strictly enforced in an effort to make the competition fair.

6.     TROPHIES/PRIZES: Trophies will be awarded for 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place. Prizes will be awarded for the best Kirby look-alike, the youngest participant, the oldest participant, the participant coming from the furthest distance, plus many more.

STARTING POINT/REGISTRATION –   Chieftain Park, 206 N Main St, Tonganoxie, KS 66086

1. A registration table will be set up there.

2. Walkers will receive a competition backpack with water, snack, etc.

3. Walkers will receive team numbers and will be released at starting point in increments of every three minutes.

4. Team captain will be given the scorecard which will be stamped with time as they are released at starting point.

5. It is the duty of the team captain to get the scorecard marked as each station is


6. Score cards will be punched as all members of the team complete the task at each of the 5 stations.


 Station 1

Challenge- Pair of Shoes

1. Station 1 is located at Chieftain Park on Volleyball Court.

2. All 4 team members must dig through a pile of old shoes until each team member finds a matching pair.

3.  Once each member has a matching pair, the station volunteer will mark the team captain’s score card.

4. Team members must return their shoes to the shoe pile before continuing to the next station.


Station 2

Challenge – Pin the Kiss on Kirby

            1. Station 2 is located at Meadows Construction Parking Lot.

2. All four team members will take turns pinning the kiss on the Kirby cutout.

3. The team members will be blind-folded and handed the kiss.

4. Other team members may verbally guide their team member but may not physically guide him/her.

5.  The “pinner” must get the kiss somewhere on Kirby’s face to complete the task. 4.  4.  Once three of the four team members have successfully complete this task the station volunteer will stamp the team captain’s score card. 


Station 3

Challenge – Hop-scotch in Kirby’s shoes.

1.     Station 3 will be located at Midwest Bikes to Trikes Parking Lot.

2.     Kirby wore a size 13E shoe.  Contestants will put on a size 13E pair of shoes and complete a hop-scotch grid while wearing them.

3.     Once all four team members have completed this task, the station volunteer will

stamp the team captain’s score card. 


Station 4

Challenge – Count the shoes.

1.     Station 4 will be located at the VFW Park.

2.     Contestants must count the various pairs of shoes by their respective color and report the correct number of each color of shoe back to the station volunteer.  The shoes will be found scattered around the park hanging in trees.

3.     Once the team as a whole gives the station volunteer the correct number of colored shoes, the station volunteer will stamp the team captain’s score card. 


Station 5

Challenge – Find the Kirby quote

1.     Station 5 will be located at the Tonganoxie Public Library.

2.     A lot of things were said and written about Kirby and he was called many things.  In this challenge the team captain must find the “Kirby quote”, memorize it and report it correctly to the station volunteer. 

3.     Once the station volunteer feels that the team captain has correctly recited the quote, he/she will stamp the team captain’s score card. 


The Final Stretch

            Challenge – Find the trivia answers in the downtown businesses’ windows.

1.     The final stretch is located between on the 500 and 600 blocks of Fourth Street.

2.     Teams must find the answers to 7 trivia questions posted in the windows of the downtown buildings.  They must write these down or memorize them and then head to finish line at Flashback’s Café.


The Finish Line – Flashback’s Café, 630 E 4th St, Tonganoxie, KS 66086

                         Challenge – Trivia Quiz

1.     The Finish Line is located inside of Flashback’s Café.

2.     The team will receive a sheet with 7 trivia questions.  They must correctly answer all 7 questions and then turn it in to the station volunteer.

3.     Once the station volunteer has checked the sheet to make sure all the answers are correct, he/she will mark the finish time on the scorecard.

4.     The judges will tally the time and write it on the chalk board.

5.     Contestants are then free to eat, drink, socialize or dance until all contestants finish the race.

6.     Trophies and prizes will be awarded.


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