March 4 Team Hoyt

Event Date

Sun, Mar 23, 2014


Toledo, OH

About This Activity

Come & enjoy the MADNESS OF MARCH by joining us for this unique charity event at Bar 145 Toledo on March 23!!! The format for this event is different from most events as all participants will be running the 3.1 miles on a treadmill on the stage at Bar 145 and no official time will be recorded for any of the runners. Our goal is to run 145 miles throughout the day by having two people running at a time between 11:00 am-9:00pm.  Each runner that signs up will be assigned a set time to run their portion of the 145 miles and will stride out their 5k in front of a crowd of patrons, family and friends.

Why such a unique format? Our mission is to raise money for an extremely inspirational father & son duo named Team Hoyt and their charity The Hoyt Foundation. Team Hoyt is an inspirational story of a father, Dick Hoyt, and his son, Rick, who have competed together in various athletic endeavors, including marathons and triathlons. Rick has cerebral palsy and during competition Dick pulls Rick in a special boat as they swim, carries him in a special seat in the front of a bicycle, and pushes him in a special wheelchair as they run. Team Hoyt strives to help those who are physically disabled become active members of the community and spreading the message “Yes You Can!”

So how can you help? If you choose to be one of the select runners that will take part in the actual running event, you will receive a t-shirt and 25% off your food at Bar 145 the day of the race.  We are encouraging the registered runners to get people to support them in the event by donating a small portion for every mile they run to benefit the charity.  100% of the registration fee and all other donations will be donated to the Hoyt Foundation to support their cause. If you do not want to run but would still like to help support the Hoyt’s you can make a donation online or plan on attending the event where we will have entertainment all day, silent auctions, and of course MARCH MADNESS BASKETBALL GAMES on all of our TVs.

If you have any questions about the event, please contact Brandon Saba by email at

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