Fred's Race Against Cancer 5K

Event Date

Sat, Jul 19, 2014


Titusville, FL

About This Activity

Fred's Story;

In March 2012 Fred participated in a local corporate 5K with his co-workers. At 45 years old weighing in at over 275 pounds, out of shape, suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure he wobbled over the finish line an hour later.

That day was the deciding factor that made him determined to make a lifestyle change and become healthy.  A year later having lost over 120 pounds, he once again ran that corporate 5K and he proudly ran it in half the time.

His goal was to become healthy and it was paying off!
Fred began particpating in local 5K runs and enjoyed running daily and working out at Parrish Fitness Center. He successfully participated in a Tough Mudder, one of the hardest obstacle course fitness challanges. Each pound Fred lost was due to his determination by excercising and eating healthy. He even went back to school and became a Licenced Certified Personal Trainer so he could pass on to others his passion for health and exercise.

Until last month....

Fred began having stomach aches and chest pain. Attributing it to stress or an ulcer because he was in between jobs and without health insuance. Then on May 5th they got too painful he agreed to go to the hospital and his and his family's life were thrown into a tail spin beyond any comprehension. The doctor comes into that emergency room cubicle and tells us that his heart is fine, but..... they have found a very large mass ( 10 cm) on his liver of great concern. (Iwe'll never forget those words). He was admitted and a liver biopsy was scheduled.

The results were unexpected and devastating.

Fred was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma... (a word we never thought in a million years we would become experts in spelling). This Bile Duct Cancer is rare and aggressive. We met with oncologists at Space Coast Cancer Center here in Titusville and they have begun Chemotherapy. He has been referred to the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa for a consultaion to determine options and the next step in this process.

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