Savageman 70.0

Event Date

Sun, Sep 20, 2015


Swanton, MD

About This Activity

Are you interested in a race that will one minute leave you gasping for breath on a steep climb and the next minute leave you gasping in awe at a stunning vista?  Would you like a race where there are challenges beyond just how fast you can go or what place you can finish?  Would you like to stake your claim to triathlon immortality and earn a personalized engraved brick laid in the road of the steepest climb in all of triathlon?  Are you frustrated with drafting packs and bland, uninspiring courses at mediocre venues?  Are you interested in a race where all of the fundraising proceeds go to support melanoma research?  Take a sneak peak at some 2013 race footage HERE.

Deep Creek Lake and the pristine, rugged Allegheny Mountains of western Maryland, provide a venue of unmatched beauty and stunning scenery, and feature two courses that will certainly bring out the true "Savage" in all who come to conquer, from the competitive Ironman racer to the leisurely back-of-the-pack or novice participant. Whether swimming in the crystal clear Deep Creek Lake, riding the smooth, remote, and challenging roads of Garrett County, or running on Deep Creek State Park trails and the surrounding lakeside roads, the SavageMan Triathlon Festival races will challenge and awe every participant.  If such a triathlon event appeals to you then you will love the SavageMan Triathlon Festival.

The SavageMan 70.0 Triathlon is the flagship event of the SavageMan Triathlon Festival and it has already established legendary status after just it's inaugural year and sell-out status in all subsequent years. There are many aspects that make this race a truly unique and special event:

  • The spectacular race venue and extraordinarily challenging course leave no doubters to the claim of "World's Most Savage and Most Beautiful Triathlon".
  • The Westernport Wall and the Westernport Wall Block Party is an experience unique to triathlon with a 31% grade lined with screaming, cowbell-ringing crazed spectators.
  • The crossing of the Eastern Continental Divide at Big Savage Mountain, a 7.2 mile, 1950' elevation gain ascent with multiple, extended stretches approaching 20% is, without doubt, the most Savage climb in all of triathlon. So savage, in fact, that all athletes are timed in their ascent for the Big Savage Challenge. How will you compare to Philip Grave's record ascent of 30:32?
  • How many opportunities do you have to be permanently immortalized in triathlon history? All athletes who successully make it up the Westernport Wall cleanly will have a brick engraved with their name laid into the Wall for future Savages to ride over and fall onto!
  • Now part of the iconic Maryland Triathlon Series
  • AQUA BIKE Category is available for Men & Women!

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