Tour of Two Forests Double Century

Event Date

Sat, Jun 10, 2017


Stevenson Ranch, CA

About This Activity

Brevet-Style ** Starting in Santa Clarita, riders traverse parts of Los Angeles, Ventura and Kern Counties, passing through Ojai, then up Pine Mountain to Lebec and back to the finish.

This event is hosted brevet-style, with a small entry fee just to cover insurance, any necessary permits, and the single leap-frog support vehicle which will carry snacks and water and drop bags along the route. Riders may bring several lunch-size bags with their special-needs foods, which will be delivered up the course to at least three locations.

**Given the difficulty of the route, only experienced double century riders will be permitted to ride (meaning, you should have successfully completed in under 15 hours at least 3 doubles in the past year). All riders must be willing and able to ride the entire distance with minimal support, or bring private SAG (this is the only Planet Ultra event where private SAG is not only allowed, but encouraged). If a rider falls too far off the back, they may not receive support other than their drop bags. There are no SAG drivers. If a rider quits, they must find their own way back.

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