The 2014 Simply Stamford Swim Series

Event Date

Thu, May 29, 2014


Stamford, CT

About This Activity

The City of Stamford Parks and Recreation Department and JumpontheWAGEN Productions are very excited to announce the newest events series to hit Fairfield County….The Simply Stamford Swim Series!

The Simply Stamford Swim Series, the only type of its kind in Fairfield County, will take place in beautiful Cummings Beach with the swim following the Navigators Stamford KIC IT Triathlon course.  Your distance options include the Endurance 1.4 Kilometer (0.9 mile) course or the Sprint 0.8 Kilometer (0.5 mile) course.

What’s unique about the Simply Stamford Swim Series?

  • The only event in Fairfield County to offer 8 individual races
  • Honor System Timing!
    • Race against yourself…your friends….your coworkers…your wave
    • A timing clock will be provided, and swimmers will report their swim times upon completion.
    • Self-seeded waves
      • Waves will go off every 3 minutes
      • We’ll keep it simple…if you think you’re fast - get in a front wave…if you would like to doggie paddle and enjoy the open water - get in the back….if you’re somewhere in between – you know where to go!
      • Safety:  The Stamford Swim Series will be supervised by City of Stamford Lifeguards and Stamford Police – Marine Division
      • What’s better than hanging out on the beach and going for the swim on a summer night?      
      • Sign up for all 8 swims, and get 1 free

Event details and schedule

Dates & Times for the Simply Stamford Swim Series

5/29/2014       Thursday        6:00PM

6/3/2014         Tuesday         6:00PM

6/10/2014       Tuesday         6:00PM


7/16/2014         Wednesday    6:30PM

7/30/2014         Wednesday    6:30PM

8/19/2014         Tuesday        6:30PM

9/3/2014          Wednesday    6:30PM

9/17/2014         Wednesday    *6:00M

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