The Covering House 24,901-Mile Challenge, by F3 St. Louis


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Sun, Aug 21, 2022


St. Louis, MO


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The Covering House 24,901-Mile Challenge, by F3 St. Louis

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About This Activity

Join F3 St. Louis for our 3rd annual, week-long virtual activity challenge, benefiting The Covering House. This year, we will attempt to hit last year's goal to perform 24,901 miles of activity as a group.  As sex trafficking is a huge issue all around the world, we have decided to perform one (1) mile of activity for every mile it takes to travel around the entire Earth!  All participants will track and report their mileage throughout the week. Together, we will log more than 24,901 combined miles of walking, running, cycling, or whatever your favorite activity is! 

The goal of the event is to raise awareness about the prevalence of sexual trafficking and exploitation in the Saint Louis area and around the world. This event is also a fundraiser to raise money for a deserving nonprofit that helps survivors of sex trafficking from all around the country, but is based in St. Louis, MO called The Covering House. The funds raised through this event will go directly to the restoration of survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation.


The Covering House provides refuge and restoration, using the least restrictive environment, for sexually exploited and trafficked children and teens, providing safety, dignity, and freedom utilizing top level staffing and oversight. The Covering House provides residential theraputic services and community based services for youth survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation. These services include counseling, group therapy, education, and mentoring. 

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