The Texas Mile

Event Date

Sat, Aug 24, 2013


Southlake, TX

About This Activity

Race Location: Southlake Dragon Stadium, 1085 S. Kimball Ave.  Southlake, TX  76092

Race Entry Fees:

Kids $20 (day of race $20) per event (1K Wagon Pull, 1K Razor Race, 1K Big Wheel Race, Texas Mile Grades 1-4, Texas Mile Grades 5-8)

Adult $25 (day of race $30) per event  (All other Events)

Race Day Registration begins at 6:15 a.m.

Race Order:

7:45 am First Responders (Police, Firefighters, Medical and Military Personnel)

8:00 am 1K Wagon Pull (2-3 yr. old) - Dad or Mom pulls the "tiny-tikes" to victory at the finish line

8:15 am 1K Razor Race (1st-4th grade) - Slighly downhill razorboard race to see who is the "fastest on 4-wheels" . . . and 1 leg

8:30 am Big Wheel (4-6 yr. old) - Slightly downhill race to see who is "fastest on 3-wheels"

8:45 am Texas Mile (1st-4th grade) - based on 2013-14 school year

9:00 am Texas Mile (5th -8th grade) - based on 2013-14 school year

9:15 am Texas Mile (70+) - Let's show 'em how it was done "back in the day"

9:30 am Texas Mile (60-69) - Senior Masters - Can still get it done with an attitude!

9:45 am Texas Mile (50-59) - Grand Masters - 50's is the new 40

10:00 am Texas Mile (40-49) - Masters - watch out as we are still in our prime!

10:15 am Texas Mile (30-39) - Sub Masters - My mom/dad can beat your mom/dad

10:30 am Texas Mile (19-29) - We're not couch potatos . . . watch us fly!

10:45 am Texas Mile (9th-12th grade) - based on 2013-14 school year

11:00 am Walk a Mile in My Shoes (Open) - well, maybe 1K, but who's counting . . . everyone, bring your high-heels and see who can reach the finish line standing up! Hilarious! Local civic groups, PTO's, churches: Here's your chance to impress for a great cause.

11:30 am ELITE RACE - Invited runners of high-acclaim. Will we see the first sub-four minute mile ever run in DFW? Stick around for this one.

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