Road Titans 300

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Fri, Nov 7, 2014


Seneca, SC

About This Activity


3 days.     I     310 miles.     I     Over 30,000 ft. elevation.

Welcome to the ROAD TITANS 300+ Cycling Challenge, a three-day fully supported premiere cycling adventure and a professional-like experience like no other, designed to defy the limits of endurance with a road course in one of National Geographic’s “Destinations of a Lifetime”, Oconee County, South Carolina.

Event details and schedule


ROAD TITANS 300+ combines one of the most ambitious professional-like cycling experiences south of the Mason-Dixon Line with the breathtaking scenery of the surrounding locale.

ROAD TITANS 300+ is not a race, but a battle to overcome the voices within -an opportunity to defeat them hand in hand with willpower, determination, and unswayable perseverance, traversing 100+ miles each day.


National Geographic named Jocassee Gorges in South Carolina’s Oconee County one of "50 of the World's Last Great Places - Destinations of a Lifetime"  in 2012.

South Carolina’s Oconee County, which takes its name from a Cherokee word meaning "land beside the water", will host this extraordinary event, offering cyclists over 300 miles of ever-changing landscapes.

Oconee County’s roads weave past some of the tallest waterfalls in the state and flank steep gorges, vast lakes, creeks, and rivers –including the mighty Chattooga– not to mention the native wildlife at every turn.

ROAD TITANS 300+ Challenge Overview

Road Titans 300+ Official Route 2014

Sweating has never been so exhilarating. Push yourself beyond your limits up mountains, cruising through spectacular landscapes and riding past waterfalls, rivers, and lakes… It is a tough 300+ mile route, but nothing short of spectacular.

A 300+ mile multi city route has been charted to create a race-like experience for riders.

Participants - three clusters of fast-paced cyclists will complete 100+ miles each day, allowing them to attest to their athletic capabilities as well as explore and enjoy the cities they encounter.

The group of participating cyclists will be divided into three Pelotons: Elite, Advanced, and Intermediate. Traveling as an integrated unit, each Peloton will follow a predetermined speed and pace.

Elite and professional athletes ? 21-23 MPH

Advanced endurance athletes ? 17-20 MPH

Intermediate endurance athletes ? 15-17 MPH

Leaders of the Pack

To assist in achieving a good flow at all times, each Peloton will be led by appointed local cyclist, who will be responsible for keeping the speed and pace of their Peloton.

These pack leaders will also be in charge of keeping their pack inside the assigned road lane and following the predetermined route.

ROAD TITANS 300+ Scoring and Awards

To increase the competitive aspect of the event, each day will include a King of the Mountain (KOM) zone, in which Pelotons will ride a specified area and compete for points, scored by chip timing.

Scoring - The first three cyclists across the KOM finish lines win 1, 2, or 3 points according to their finishing times.

Awards - At the culmination of ROAD TITANS 300+, the riders with the most points in their respective categories/Pelotons will be awarded the Cronus Achievement medal (in Greek mythology, Cronus was the leader of the TITANS). Cronus winner will receive a complimentary entry into next year's event, while the winner from Peloton A will receive a cash payout  of $1000 and the Road Titan 300 helmet, an honor fit for an inmortal.

In the toughest battles, a helmet such as this not only spared the head of a brave man from fiery arrows and spears, but it transformed him into a symbol of power and indomitable, nearly-immortal might.

As the King of the Mountain (fastest overall titan), you’ve shown the grit and endurance only known to a few. You led an army of titans; now be proud to show off your unbeatable spirit with the Road Titan 300 helmet as a testament to your sheer determination and cycling prowess.

Day 1 .......................................................................


Location: Seneca, SC → Greenville, SC

Distance: 101.1 miles (163 km)

Elevation: 11, 252 ft. (3430 m)


• Eastatoe Valley to 178 (4.1 miles at 5%, Cat 3)

• Sassafras Mountain (4.7 miles at 7%, Cat 1)

• East Fork Climb (3.4 miles at 4%, Cat 3)

• 5 Additional Cat 4 climbs.

Course Description:

Day one is the hardest day of the Road Titans 300+ event. The day begins in Seneca and heads north along Lake Keowee, through the town of Salem to Highway 11. There are several tough rolling climbs before riders start climbing into the Eastatoe Valley. Cyclists will ride along the Eastatoe Creek until they begin the first long ascent of the day, where they will climb out of the Eastatoe Valley to the top of 178. This climb is steady at 5%. Riders will then descend into Rocky Bottom, and initiate the toughest climb of the event - . Sassafras Mountain -  is a 4.7-mile climb that averages 7%, but pitches above 15% for extended distances, to reach the top of the mountain, the highest point in South Carolina. From there, they will ride down the backside and along the French Broad River until they begin the East Fork ascent, which is a series of three tough climbs, each around 10%. Cyclists will then come up to the backside of Caesar’s Head Mountain and start the 6-mile descent to Cleveland. From there, riders will traverse back roads into the heart of downtown Greenville, finishing in front of Fall’s Park.

Day 2 .......................................................................

Location: Greenville, SC → Clemson, SC

Distance: 105.1 miles (169 km)

Elevation: 7,055 ft. (2150 m)


• Paris Mountain (3.1 miles at 6%, Cat 3)

• Paris Mountain Lap 2 (3.1 miles at 6%, Cat 3)

• 3 Additional Cat 4 climbs.

Course Description:

Day two will allow the legs much-needed recovery...but not much of it. Cyclists will begin the day in downtown Greenville, riding though Furman University’s campus up to Paris Mountain, where they’ll take on the Cat 3 climb - which was the feature of the USA Cycling Professional Road Championships’ main attraction when the race was held in Greenville, SC from 2007 through 2012. After riding through Greenville and taking on the Paris Mountain Circuit, riders will head out of town to Marietta, SC. From there, cyclists will ride along Table Rock, where sprint zones will make up for the lack of climbing. Riders will then take the back roads into Clemson, along the quaint towns of Six Mile, Central, and Pendleton before passing through Clemson University’s campus. The route will finish in downtown Clemson.

Day 3 .......................................................................

Location: Clemson, SC → Seneca, SC

Distance: 102.9 miles (166 km)

Elevation: 11,078 ft. (3377 m)


• Whitewater Falls (7.6 miles at 4%, Cat 2)

• 7 Additional Cat 4 climbs.

Course Description:

The final day might be remembered as one of the most beautiful days you’ve had on a bicycle. The route will begin in Clemson, passing through Lake Hartwell and climbing north towards Devil’s Fork State Park and Lake Jocassee. Then, the day’s main climb will take riders to the top of Bad Creek, where they’ll see the beautiful Whitewater Falls. Continuing from there is a short steep climb which brings riders to a scenic overlook. Descending through the Fish Hatchery, riders will continue along windy mountain roads at Oconee State Park through Hwy 137. The final leg of the journey will route riders past Lake Keowee one last time before finishing in downtown Seneca.    


ROAD TITANS 300+ Dates, Registration, and Pricing per Participant

To ensure you prepare for this demanding challenge and secure your spot, we recommend registering as soon as possible. ROAD TITANS 300+ will be held on November 7th, 8th, and 9th. Prices vary by registration date. Entries are limited.

- May 1st 2014 through June 30th 2014: $400

- July 1st 2014 through August 31st 2014: $450

- September 1st through October 31st 2014: $500

What’s Included with Registration

Road Titans 300+ Official Jersey

ROAD TITANS 300+ jersey, with a unique design sure to stir up admiration back home.

Bib numbers

Numbers for your shirt, bike & helmet. As part of the rules of this challenge, all participants are required to wear their distinct numbers.

Packet pickup dinner

Rides will have the chance to taste local food and gather with fellow cyclists while enjoying live entertainment.

Commemorative medal

All finishing participants will receive a ROAD TITANS 300+ celebratory medal to commemorate their legendary triumph.

Three breakfasts

The breakfast of champions won’t cut it – Titans take top fuel. Participants will enjoy a delicious, nutritious breakfast every day of the challenge. Only at each city’s affiliated hotels.


There will be rest stops every 35 miles or so, for a total of nine stops throughout the three days. These oases will offer participants fresh fruits, hydration, power snacks, restrooms, and mechanical support. When you’re pushing your body beyond its limits, you’ll be glad these aren’t just a mirage.

Luggage delivery

You’ll need to stay focused during the challenge, so let us take care of your luggage; we will safely deliver it for you to ROAD TITANS 300+ - affiliated hotels, from city to city only.

Escorts at all times

Even Titans need their dream team. A team of support vehicles, including security, and Support-And-Gear (SAG) will follow each Peloton at all times. Also a Broom Wagon and medical assistance will tailgate behind the 3 pelotons.

Driving Directions

From Atlanta
Take I-85 to SC Exit 2 Hwy 59 to Seneca

From Greenville
Take I-85 to Exit 19B
Turn RIGHT on US 76
Turn LEFT onto US 123
Turn LEFT onto Hwy 130

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