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Sun, Feb 11, 2018


Seattle, WA

About This Activity

To register: pick any race to initiate registration and then you can choose the other races.

With this option, for each additional race that you add to your cart, the more that you'll save.

Here's how this breaks down. Please note that the highest discount is automatically applied to the highest cost event.

2 races in cart: one race at normal price, one race at 15% off
3 races in cart: one race at normal price, one race at 15% off, one race at 20% off
4 races in cart: one race at normal price, second at 15% off, third at 20% off, fourth at 25% off
and so forth, all the way up until 10 races in cart, with the tenth race discounted at 55% off.

For an example, let's say you had five races in your cart, priced at $72, $63, $45, $30 and $25. You would receive a discount of 30% on the $72 race, 25% on the $63 race, 20% on the $45 race and 15% on the $30 race. Your total savings would be $50.85 in this example.

Races Include:

  • February 11th: My Better Half Marathon, 10k, 5k, and Relay
  • March 17th: Kirkland Shamrock Run 5k 
  • April 7th: Birch Bay Road Race 5k, 15k, and 30k
  • May 19th: San Juan Island Half
  • June 2nd: Snoqulamie Valley Half Marathon, 12k 
  • August 26th: Iron Horse Half Marathon
  • September 23rd: Orca Half Marathon
  • October 13th: Poulsbo Half Marathon, 10k
  • October 28th: Captain Jack's Treasure Run 5k, 8k

Learn more about Orca Running here: https://www.orcarunning.com/

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