28th Santa Cruz Paddlefest

Event Date

Fri, Mar 28, 2014


Santa Cruz, CA

About This Activity

Please note, registration closes March 14th, Race registration closes March 27th.

We invite you to register and compete in the Santa Cruz PaddleFest (SCPF). It is the largest kayak surf contest in the world and attracts some of the best paddle powered wave magicians on the planet. The main reason is that Steamer Lane Middle Peak, is one of the best big breaks anywhere and is a wonderful wave to test your skills.

The SCPF is actually three contests. The Elite Surfing Categories have the area at Steamer Lane where 10 ft. plus waves are possible. As you move back from the outer break the cliffs turn resulting in smaller, gentler waves at Cowells Beach. We can have an expert riding giant peaks, while folks in the Cowells Classic Contest can be experiencing smooth 2 to 3 foot swells at the same moment. Our objective in is to make the Cowells Classic site more enjoyable. Finally, the third contest is the Surftech SUP “Shootout Duel SUP/Prone Race” open ocean paddle and beach run contest at Cowells Beach.

We will have kayak ambassadors, expert paddlers, at the Cowells Classic site to help answer questions, aid contestants in kayak re-entry in case of an accidental overturn and keep non-contestants out of the area. We have hired the California State Lifeguards to maintain safety at the contest and they will be stationed at the Cowells Classic area and SUP Race. They will be bringing Personal Water Craft (PWC) as their safety craft, a proven superior vehicle for water rescue. The Cowells Classic events are planned at a minus tide so that getting out of a kayak is easy and a simple walk to shore.

The SCPF is guaranteed to deliver some great times. The kick off party Thursday night is to be presented by Adventure Sports Unlimited (ASU), and Class V Surf Dogs. We hope to set the stage for nightly parties to follow where all facets of the paddle sports world will come together with food and drink to foster creative thought. We welcome athletes, manufacturers, spectators and ocean aware people to join us in this Great Show.

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