2014 Megalodon-athon hosted by 26-miles.com

Event Date

Fri, Aug 1, 2014


San Jose, CA

About This Activity

Are you ready for a beast of a run?

According to our very reliable sources (*cough* Wikipedia), the largest predator  (and of course our favorite finned friend of the sea) that ever lived on our little blue marble was the Megalodon shark, growing to be between 46 and 59 feet. It’s time to channel your inner shark and take to the road for a monster of a marathon!

Choose your distance in this race:

Megaguppy (kids run): 4.6 miles

Megalodon: 46 miles

Megabeast : 59 miles

How much will this cost me?

$25 entry (profits will go to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society)

What does my registration fee get me?

1) The pride and satisfaction that you are a top predator on your feet

2) a customized running bib

3) a monster of a medal because this is no wimpy race

4) serious bragging rights!

Where do I run?

You get to pick. Indoors, outdoors, running, walking, jumping, cartwheeling... whatever your heart desires!

When do I run?

Whenever you like. Do it all at once, or in smaller chunks of miles during the month of August. Bonus points if you complete your miles DURING Shark Week.

I crossed my virtual finish line. Now what?

Let us know! Post on our Facebook page or better yet, give us a picture of you and your well-earned BLING!

Event details and schedule

Anywhere, anytime you like! Run it, walk it, wog it, jog it, dance it, hula hoop it, cartwheel it... I don't care how you get your miles as long as you are using your arms and legs to do get them.

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