STREND-Treasure Island

1 Mile

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Sat, Jul 25, 2015


San Francisco, CA


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Open Male- mini STREND with 1 mile run - Individual Age group/open

$55 $55 Closed

Male/Female BASIC- mini STREND with 1 mile run - Individual Age group/open

$55 $55 Closed

About This Activity

6th Annual Treasure Island STREND  

July 25th, 2015

Join us on Treasure Island and test your fitness while directly supporting the Wounded Warrior Project with this unique STRength and ENDurance event known as STREND. The STREND event has been around since 1992 and was created by Ed Bugarin, an operator with the elite counter-terrorist unit Delta Force.

5 upper body disciplines (Bench press, Wide grip pull-ups, Military shoulder press, Close grip chins, and Bar dips and a 3 mile run for time make up this Fitness event.  Each discipline is completed for max reps and the weight you lift is based on your bodyweight or a percentage of your bodyweight. 


You have 3 minutes per discipline to complete your max reps and rest before the next discipline starts. The start of each 3 minute period will be marked by a loud horn.  There is no stopping or racking of the weight during your lifts. You are doing one set to failure on all of the disciplines.


After completing your final upper body discipline (Bar dips) you'll start the run on the next 3 minute signal. Your run time (converted to a decimal) will be divided into your total reps to create a ranking known as a STREND factor.  
Example: 100 reps divided by 20:30 (20.5) = 4.878 STREND factor.

Please review rules and description of events at 
Please review standards and weight guidelines per division at


Grip Width- 83% of Elbow to Elbow width measured behind back. This grip will be used on Bench press, Pull ups and Shoulder press. Close grip chins and dips are not regulated by grip width, but do have maximum and minimum allowable areas for adjustment. 


Event details and schedule

  •  STREND T-shirt included with entry. Guaranteed prior to June  8th.
  • All but a few dollars of your registration fee goes directly to Wounded Warriors. About 95%. 
  •  Parking: Free at YMCA
  •  Registration/weigh-in and grip width measurements will start  at 8   am and the event will start at 9 am. 
  •  Competitor roster will be determined on first come basis.  Bodyweight is truncated.  182 lb individual male  would use 180  lbs  on Bench press and 90lbs on Shoulder press.

The run course is a flat fast,  3 loop counter-clockwise direction route with each loop being approximately 1 mile.

AGE divisions: Open 29 and under, 30-39  40-49  50-59  60-69  70+
There are divisions for Men and Women as well.
Please make time to stick around for award ceremony and lunch!

Please contact Mark Lundin at if you have any questions.


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