The March to Feed Homeless Veterans

Event Date

Sun, May 4, 2014


San Diego, CA

About This Activity

Future Warriors of America and the Veterans Village of San Diego invites you to participate in 5K run or 30K march which is an extraordinary test of will and strength. Please bring a few non-perishable food items for donation.

Prove your mettle by carrying a rucksack (backpack) filled with 25 pounds of non-perishable food items (suitable for donation to Veterans Village of San Diego) for 18.6 miles and earn the permanent wear of an approved foreign military decoration*.

*18.6 Mile Footmarch is open to the general public. However, only military members can be awarded the foreign badge

Only military members that meet the below criteria will qualify for the approved foreign military decoration.

The event will take place on 4 May 2014. The registration check-in tables will open at 6:00am and will close at 7:30am. Immediately following the event, at 2:30pm there will be an award ceremony for all those who met the standards to be awarded the Norwegian Foot March Badge.

Norwegian Foot March Standards:

-Gender, age and finishing time. See the chart below:

Age   Bracket

Female   Class

Maximum   Time Allowed

Male   Class

?Maximum   Time Allowed

Up to 34

























60 and over





Foot March Participant Eligibility:


- All participants (5K run & 30K footmarch) will receive a finisher coin and t-shirt.

-Strict adherence to No Trace Left behind Ethics will be enforced. Any individual caught littering or destroying the natural terrain will be immediately disqualified.

- Participants must complete the distance requirement (30km) within the allotted time mentioned in the above chart to be awarded the Norwegian Foot March badge.

- All participants must attend the march safety brief given just before the start of the event.

- Participants must attend the March safety briefing given prior to the start of the march. Any person not attending the briefing will not be allowed to start the march.

- For any questions, discrepancies or grievances immediately report to an event official. The event OIC will have the final decisions on all matters.

- Any individual caught leaving or altering the course will be immediately disqualified.

Award Qualification:

Bronze – Awarded to Participants completing the event 1-3 times

Silver – Awarded to Participants completing the event 4-6 times

Gold – Awarded to Participants completing the event 6 or more times

(Documentation supporting number of times completed should be brought with the participant to the registration table as proof of prior completion and consideration for higher awards)


- All Military and Military affiliated participants/teams will wear Service appropriate duty uniform. Non-standard T-shirts may be worn in place of the regulation T-shirts (Under Armor, for example) as long as it is of the same color. Distinctive unit T-shirts are authorized and is encouraged for unit esprit de corps for wear underneath the ACU (or service equivalent) top.


- All Civilian participants will wear any type of clothing to execute event successfully within good taste. Team shirts or other distinctive apparel are authorized.

- Each Military Service Member is required to carry a military issued rucksack/backpack. Civilians must carry a backpack suitable for carrying 25 pounds.

- Visual reflective devices and/or apparel are required to be worn by each participant during the entire march. A reflective belt is required for military personnel.

- Footwear is limited to Military authorized boots.

- Service appropriate patrol cap will be worn during event (military only).

- Hydration packs (Camelbacks) are authorized during the march.

- Load bearing Vest or Load carrying equipment with at least pistol belt, suspenders, two ammo pouches and two one quart canteens are NOT required but may be worn.

Rucksack / Backpack:

- The guidelines state the pack must weigh a total of 11kg (24.244 pounds). The Norwegian Foot March requires a 25 pound rucksack to account for the total 11kg requirement. Since the event is a Food Drive to support the Veterans Village of San Diego we graciously encourage each participant to fill their packs with at least 25 pounds of non-perishable food items.

- If an individual participant elects not to fill their pack with food items to support the Veterans Village of San Diego, they may still participate as long as they adhere to the following guidelines. The 25 pounds can be anything except: water, sand, rocks or any other item(s) that can be replenished along the route.

- Each rucksack will be inspected and weighed prior to starting the march and again at the finish line as the participants complete the march.

Course Length and Conditions:

- The course will be 30km (18.6 miles), on good roads, which are currently all hard ball. Furthermore, participants are only supposed to run the course between 0 and 25 degrees Celsius (32 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit). A full route map will be available at the registration table on the day of the event.

Entry is fee $30.00:

- Parking area is at Intuit 7535 Torrey Santa Fe Road San Diego, CA 92129. This will be the start and finish line. (Parking is FREE)

- Each participant will sign and submit a waiver form at the registration table on the day of the event.

Safety Considerations:

There will be an event safety brief at the start point just before the beginning of the event, it is mandatory for all participants to be in attendance for this brief.

- Drink plenty of fluids. Hydrate yourself prior to the morning of the 30K march. The weather is generally cool this time of year; however, everyone is still prone to dehydration. There will be water points, safety check points, and aide stations evenly dispersed along the route.

- During the march, keep your feet dry and clean. Bring enough socks to change during the march and always use foot powder. Take care of hotspots quickly before they become bothersome blisters.

- The trail that the march covers has a variety of different terrain. The route is characterized primarily by paved roads; however, there may be portions of gravel and dirt. Beware of loose rocks, branches, and drop offs. Depending on the weather for the day of the event, there could wet spots along the route. Along the route you might come across various types of wildlife, leave them alone and they will leave you alone.

- In case of an injury during the march, report to a check point. If a team member cannot make it to a check point, roving patrols with medics are available on roving patrol and in the front and rear of the formation.

- Ensure you train and condition before conducting the march. You should train by walking at least 12-15 miles once a week and 6-8 miles 2-3 times weekly. Build your miles gradually over a period of time, this will condition your feet to walk for a long distance by toughening the skin on the bottoms of your feet. Wear quality boots and ensure that they are thoroughly broken-in before the day of the march. Do not wear new boots on the march and wear quality socks. Do not use anything that you have not trained with.

Event schedule and times

The event will take place on 4 May 2014. The registration check-in tables will open at 6:00am and will close at 7:30am. The first wave will start at 8 am. Immediately following the event, at 2:30pm there will be an award ceremony for all those who met the standards to be awarded the Norwegian Foot March Badge.

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