Run Technique Clinic--Triathlon Lifestyle Coaching. May 18

Event Date

Sat, May 18, 2013


San Diego, CA

About This Activity

Join Triathlon Lifestyle Coaching for a small-group clinic that will help you run faster, more efficiently, and with less chance of injury.  It's designed for athletes whose just-go-out-for-a-run pace is 8:30/mile or slower, and it's a very low-key, low-pressure atmosphere.

We'll cover all of the bio-mechanics that go into good running--kicking your heels up, proper stride length, high cadence, leaning at the ankles, etc.   I'll video your form, and then show you how to fix any problems.  You'll get real-time feedback, plus drills that are simple and directly applicable to you.

The 2:30 hour session is limited to 6 people, so you get the individual instruction that you need.  All instruction is by Owner/Head Coach Brian Maiorano

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