Run Free 2 End Human Trafficking

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Tue, Sep 1, 2020


San Clemente, CA

About This Activity


Virtual Run, Walk or Roll to support an End to Human Trafficking / Modern Slavery

SOLES UNITE throughout the world to expose this heinous crime and Free the SOULS that are being sold and used everyday for the financial gain of traffickers and service benefit of buyers. Every human soul has an inalienable right to be FREE, to make their own decision about their life and their body. 
Virtually Run, Walk or Roll any of the distances below as an individual OR grab your friends and sign up as a team. Funds raised will be used for AWARENESS and EDUCATION in grades 6-12 under the PREVENTION MODEL established by the US Dept. of State.

Take the 30 day challenge by selecting one of the event distances below and complete your selected distance all at once or broken into increments YOU manage over the month of September 1 - Sep 30 * It's a great way to taking on one of the Ultra Distance or Extreme Distance challenges by move everyday while you raise awareness and funds to Donate to the Anti Human Trafficking AWARENESS and EDUCATION campaign initiative. 

Your selected distance can be accomplished by running, walking or rolling (cycling, swimming, skating, SUP) or even walking your 4-legged friends! Goal is to "Just Move"!

Individual and team mileage will be cumulated to make a linear imprint around the globe! Goal distance of all combined mileage is 24,901 miles. 

Print your personalized bib number on this race page under your profile and wear it proudly while you run/walk or roll this month.

Post on SM @RunFree2EndHumanTrafficking and @SCSunriseRotaryClub with photos (yourself, tracking device total mileage/time) to support your accomplishments and be part of creating a virtual loop around the globe.

Enter your final event time on this race page under your profile. 

The San Clemente Sunrise Rotary Club is dedicated to eliminating Human Trafficking AND is opposed to ANY organization that discriminates against race, gender, age or religion.

Global Center for Woman and Justice, Vanguard University has provided their top 10 Ending Human Trafficking Podcast Episodes (below). Followed by "their next 10" top podcasts. Thirty different podcast will be available throughout the month to provide an opportunity to study the issues and provide conversations around your family, friends and community. 
.... the next 10!
89: Community Engagement; Part 1
Podcast 90: Community Engagement; Part 2 Be a Voice Make a Difference
Podcast 213: Ending Human Trafficking Takes the Whole Family 
Podcast 208: The Intersection of Childrens Rights and Combating Human Trafficking
Podcast 202: The Roll of the Department of Labor in Combating Human Trafficking
Podcast 69: Cyber Crimes and Brittany's Story
Podcast 63: Teachers are on the Front Line
Podcast 96: Coaching Live2Free Educators
Podcast 84: Be the 1 Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign
Podcast 84: Human Trafficking "Coffee Break Training"
... start with the top 10!
Podcast 71: A Dozen Myths About Human Trafficking (Part 1)  
Podcast 57: Don’t Reinvent the Wheel!
Podcast 91: Rescue and the Stages of Change
Podcast 99: Pornography: Driving Demand
Podcast 15: Homelessness and Human Trafficking – How They Connect
Podcast 7: The Fourth “P” in the Trafficking in Persons Report
Podcast 26: Lessons from the Prosecutor’s Desk
Podcast 124: Prevention- Trauma Informed and Transformational Schools
Podcast 112: Juvenile Justice Inspiring Hope- An interview with the Hon. Maria Hernandez
Podcast 95: Human Trafficking in American Schools
Rotary Action Group Against Slavery  
Not Here! End It!
  • Learn a unique hand signal to secretly use and watch for ... you may save a life! Developed by the Rotary eclub of Florida
  • Toll Free US Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888 or Text "BEFREE" 233733
  • San Clemente Sunrise Rotary Club is dedicated to eliminating Human Trafficking and is opposed to any organization that practices racial, political or religious discrimination.

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