PSB ASM Self Defense Workshop

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Sat, Feb 1, 2014


San Antonio, TX

About This Activity

The main question we are asked is why did we create PSB Self Defense?

A great young woman and runner named Lauren M. Bump was taken away from us in San Antonio near a YMCA while running on December 31st, 2013. We Run San Antonio, a running store located in San Antonio, TX, reached out to us to teach their runners self defense.

How many runners, mothers and "busy" people go about their day oblivious to the danger that may be lurking right around the cornerThe unfortunate reality is that violence can strike anywhere and any time.

 There is a way to help arm yourself. We have been applying the very same strategies and techniques as 'busy' fathers, businessmen, uncles and travelers. We apply them EVERY single time we step outside our door!

 PSB Self Defense is a self defense program created by Former Secret Service Agent Kevin L. Williams & Author & Coach of flowologee Sakani D'Angeles. It is a compilation of over 35 years of martial arts training from Kung Jung Mu School, Taekwondo, Wing Chun, Aikijutsu, Muay Thai and more.

 What makes PSB Self Defense unique is its application does not take away from other self defense programs being taught. Rather, PSB Self Defense is a good foundational choice that you can use in your process of self defense knowledge & growth.

“It just might save your life.”

Kevin L. Williams & Sakani (sa-connie) D'Angeles


3 Reasons why you should attend our ASM Self Defense Workshop:

  • Learn the most important mental technique that you can apply in all circumstances.
  • Learn how to move properly as these 3 things are the foundation in your self defense education.
  • Learn practical, hands on self defense techniques you can easily apply regardless of strength or self defense experience.

ASM Self Defense Workshop

 Length: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

Price for per person: (10 Student Minimum)

$30 per person

Attire: Comfortable Clothing


We Run San Antonio




6:30pm - 8:00pm

No Self Defense training necessary. This workshop is not designed to make you an expert. It is designed to give you knowledge of how to be more aware in today's sometimes violent world.


210-802-6114 Office

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