Alamo To Border 2

Event Date

Fri, Feb 28, 2014


San Antonio, TX

About This Activity

Teams of 6 to 12 runners will run all day and night.  Each runner will run a minimum of 13.1 miles while others can run up to 18 miles.  This unique run will start at the Sea World area traveling south towards small towns in south Texas all night and into the next day.  The run will finish in the border town of Laredo, TX.  Laredo is well known for its vast history like St. Auaustine Church and La Posada Hotel which over sees the Rio Grande.  Our finish line will be at the Laredo Uni-Trade Stadium home of the Laredo Lemurs. 

We have added a "roadkill" angle to the race.  Don't get passed up or you will be roadkilled! Every runner will be wearing a belt with a tail on it.  If you get passed up, the person can take your tail and you are raodkilled.  You keep on running, but the other team has a prize.

Event schedule and times

Packet Pick Up will be held Feb. 28th.  Place and time TBD.

Race will begin at 6:30 PM.

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