Live to Run!

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Sat, Apr 25, 2015


Salt Lake City, UT

About This Activity


           “Trust the Journey!” That is the motto of the Hawkes/Poppleton family. And they have always trusted the journey with a positive, loving attitude, but recently their journey received an unexpected challenge. Britton, the oldest son, had been experiencing pain in his right hip for several months, progressively getting worse.  What was once just weekly pain treated by general pain relievers had advanced to daily, unbearable pain.  This resulted in a trip to the Emergency Room, where an MRI revealed a large mass on his pelvis.   The following week was full of appointments with doctors and a variety of tests. The result, Britton was diagnosed with cancer, namely Ewing’s Sarcoma.

           What is Ewing’s Sarcoma, you ask? Well, here is some information about this particular form of cancer:

                Ewing's Sarcoma is a primary bone cancer that affects mainly children and

                adolescents. It's one of a group of cancers known collectively as the Ewing

                Sarcoma family of tumors -- ESFT or sometimes just EFT. It is the second most

                common bone cancer in children, but it is a relatively uncommon form of cancer in general. It

                accounts for only 1% of all childhood cancers. Although it can occur at any

                age, it very rarely occurs in adults over the age of 30.

           Even with this devastating news, the Hawkes/Poppleton family has continued to keep their positive attitudes, propelling Britton forward in treatment and bringing with them an army of friends and family as a support system. Britton is a remarkable young man. He keeps his family and friends on track with his upbeat, witty, and encouraging attitude.

           Fighting Ewing’s Sarcoma is now part of Britton's journey. In honor of his fight, to raise awareness of Ewing’s Sarcoma, and to raise funds to help with the ever-growing medical expenses that come along with the treatment of Britton’s cancer, we are hosting a 5k. The race, titled “Live To Run”, will be held at the Historic Wheeler Farm. It will include three laps around the farm.

                On the day of the race, two separate heats will be held:

                0900- Need for Speed

                This heat we are encouraging everyone who loves to run to sign up and race!

                1000-Family Fun Run/Walk

                This heat is designed for those who would like to race at a more leisurely pace. Also, this heat will be great for individuals with children or elderly family. Don’t feel obligated to complete all three laps. Just come and have a great time with great people!

                The cost for adults is $25 per person if you pre-register, and $30 the day of.

                For children 12 and under, the cost is $12 if you pre-register, and $15 day of.

                Teams of 6 or more will recieve $5 off per participant.

                We are encouraging individual and team costumes showing us "What You Live For"! Britton is fighting hard because he has a lot to live for! Show us What You Live For too!

               Come dressed up to race your friends, or just come to support a great cause! We would love to see all of you and to feel your love and support for Britton and his family! And let’s all LIVE TO RUN!

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