Donut Dash 5k

Event Date

Sat, Nov 8, 2014


Salt Lake City, UT

About This Activity

IT’S BACK!  Join us for the Third Annual Donut Dash on Saturday, November 8, 2014!

Do you like to run? Do you love donuts? (Duh, who doesn’t?) Want to support making your community a better place? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are ready to enter the Donut Dash 5K. We are challenging you to a unique biathlon that raises your heart rate and your blood sugar for a good cause. Through your participation, you support the work of Utah Heritage Foundation to preserve, protect, and promote Utah’s historic built environment. We’re often the first call people make when a building is threatened by demolition or you’re seeking help with a rehabilitation project.

Combined with Memory Grove Discovery Day’s FREE activities for kids, it’s an event that the whole family can enjoy. So it’s time to channel your inner Homer Simpson and tell him that signing up for the Donut Dash is the perfect way to get the donuts you crave while working them off at the same time running in one of the city’s most picturesque areas, City Creek Canyon.

The Donut Dash and Memory Grove Discovery Day is a fun way for the whole family to be active and discover the history and architecture of Memory Grove in conjunction with Veteran’s Day. Memory Grove Park and Memorial House are home to the Utah Heritage Foundation’s offices.  We are proud to steward Memorial House in partnership with Salt Lake City.  Memory Grove Park was built to remember those who fought in World War I, and additional monuments have been erected in honor of those who have fought in subsequent wars.  Veterans’ Day is the perfect time to highlight the monuments and importance of Memory Grove Park which is truly a Salt Lake City gem. 

Proceeds from the Donut Dash go to support the mission of Utah Heritage Foundation, a statewide non-profit organization working to preserve, protect, and promote Utah’s historic built environment through public awareness, advocacy, and active preservation. So by having fun, you also help make communities across the state better places by encouraging historic preservation. Make a donation through

What is the deal with the donuts?
Now this is where the run gets interesting! Donut holes will be offered at the turnaround at the intersection of Bonneville Drive, 11th Avenue, and B Street. Please note that you will need to come all the way to the top of 11th Avenue and turn around before you stop to eat donut holes. Runners will receive time deductions for the number of donut holes you eat. Your deduction is made to your final time and is called your “donut adjusted time.”

You will only have one opportunity to eat donut holes. All donut holes must be eaten at the aid station. No running with donut holes! To get your time deduction, a volunteer will write the number of holes you ate on your bib number. When you cross the finish line, this number will be recorded along with your run time.

Do I have to eat donut holes?
Eating donut holes is optional. If you don’t like eating delicious donuts or are allergic to its contents, this run may not be for you. But if you love running and donuts, you will love the Donut Dash! Awards will be given for top male and female and child (15 and under) in overall time, donut adjusted time, and donut consumers (regardless of time).

What is a donut adjusted time?
We heard your requests!  This year we will be increasing the amount of time you get for each donut hole you eat!

For each donut hole you eat, you will receive a :30 (thrity) second time deduction from your final time. In addition, for each ten donut holes you eat you will receive a bonus :60 (sixty) second time deduction. Therefore, your donut adjusted time is (final time) minus (donut adjustment) equals (donut adjusted time). Here are some scenarios:

17:30 final time (-) :30 for 1 donut hole (=) 17:00 donut adjusted time
21:30 final time (-) 7:00 for 12 donut holes (=) 14:30 donut adjusted time
28:05 final time (-) 12:00 for 20 donut holes (=) 16:05 donut adjusted time

What if I eat too many?
We recommend only biting off what you can chew. However, if you’re overzealousness in the moment gets the better of you, please be considerate to dispose of your half-digested donuts off the road. Also, it’s important to note that losing your donut holes nets you zero time deduction.

How do I train for this?
We’ve heard of rogue groups in Salt Lake City training for road races by incorporating all kinds of eating and drinking on the run into their training plans. We encourage you to map out local donut shops in your area and run between them, sampling their sweet goodness at each stop. It brings a whole new meaning to interval training!

Are there awards?
Donut Dash awards will be given to the top male, female, and child (15 and under) in the following three categories:

  • Fastest finish time;
  • Fastest donut adjusted finish time;
  • Most donuts eaten.

Event details and schedule

When: Saturday, November 8, 2014

Donut Dash starting time: 9:00 a.m.
Memory Grove Discovery Day: 9:00 a.m.- 11:00 am

Where: Donut Dash starts on the west end of Bonneville Drive, at the intersection of East Capitol Boulevard and 500 North, and finishes in Memory Grove Park.

What is the course for the Donut Dash?
The race starts at the intersection of Bonneville Drive with East Capitol Boulevard at 500 North. The run will proceed around Bonneville Drive from west to east to the top of 11th Avenue at the corner of B Street. This will be the course turnaround where you will proceed back down Bonneville Drive. At the far north curve of Bonneville Drive, runners will turn down Canyon Road and follow it into Memory Grove Park. Course officials will be present to help participants, however it is the runner’s responsibility to know the course.

Course details:
Distance: Three (3) miles
Elevation gain: 325 feet
Elevation loss: 449 feet
Min. elevation: 4,430 feet
Max. elevation: 4,691 feet

Parking: It is highly advisable to park for both the Donut Dash and Memory Grove Discovery Day on East Capitol Boulevard, which runs along the west rim of Memory Grove Park and along the east side of the capitol grounds. Parking on the street is free without time limits on Saturdays. There are steps on the east side of the street that lead down into Memory Grove Park. Please avoid driving and attempting to park on Canyon Road.

Accessibility:  Memory Grove Park and Memorial House are ADA accessible, however the path and steps are not accessible. The gate to Memory Grove Park will not be open to Donut Dash or Memory Grove Discovery Day traffic. If you need ADA access to the park, please park on Canyon Road. To ensure the safety of the runners, no cars will be allowed within the gates of Memory Grove Park while the race is in progress.

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