Woodland Hills Yeti Extreme Games

Event Date

Sat, Mar 22, 2014


Salem, UT

About This Activity

Nestled at the foot of Loafer Mountain is a community comprised of anything but loafers. People living here enjoy all the extremes of life, from the extreme peace of the quiet wooded mountain to the extreme levels of snowfall (over 150” per year) and wildlife including bear, deer, elk, coyotes, fox, wild turkeys and an occasional cougar.

Your race starts at the base of this mountain. Whether running, or biking, your path will elevate quickly (1100-1300 foot gain). Then you will trade for snowshoes, and follow the switchbacks cut into the mountain by an old prospector named Shocky, complete with an authentic mine shaft. You will traverse Loafer Mountain (gaining another 1110 feet), ending about 1/4 of the way up with Utah Valley laid out before you.  As you experience the breathtaking views (literally),  you’ll quickly find out why we’re the best kept secret in the Valley.

Strap on your skis or snowboard! From the summit, you'll have the option of shredding your way back down to the finish line. In the fall we pruned and trimmed a gorgeous but challenging route back down the mountain. The descent of this BLACK DIAMOND run is just over 0.6 miles, but covers extremely variable terrain: some steep sections, wide-turning cruiser sections, tight chutes, and of course, our beautiful trees.

1 mile fun run/walk:
Think the Yeti is only for crazy people? Now there’s a fun way for normal people to enjoy it! Come join your friends for a fun time up at the park! Stroll around the block and then a loop through the park at your own pace. Cost = $1.00 You can’t beat it!

Junior Yeti:
Hey Kids – now YOU can be a Woodland Hills Yeti too!! All kids ages 3-10 years old can run up a hill on snowshoes and then sled back down the hill. Snowshoes and sleds provided – just come have fun! Cost = FREE

We hope you’ll join us. Your registration fee includes a couple of things to remember the day -  an original (and soon to be coveted) Yeti Tshirt and a car sticker.  Awards will be given to the top Yeti finishers.

All proceeds will go to:
Woodland Hills Fire department.

Event schedule and times

events  Choose from:
1. Run the 5K
2. Bike 4.8 miles
3. Run to transition, snowshoe to summit, snowshoe to finish
4. Run to transition, snowshoe to summit, ski or snowboard to finish
5. Bike to transition, snowshoe to summit, snowshoe to finish
6. Bike to transition, snowshoe to summit, ski or snowboard to finish
7. Team events: split up any of the above legs
8. 1 mile walk/run: walk around the block and stroll around the park ($1.00 onsite registration only)
9. Kids Yeti: snowshoe up a hill and sled down (ages 3-10) (FREE, just show up and have fun!)

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