40 Acres Of Hell 2014

Event Date

Sat, Oct 4, 2014


Russellville, AR

About This Activity

40 Acres of Hell is a unique Endurance Triathlon that takes place in the beautiful Lake Dardanelle State Park area, with sweeping views of Lake Dardanelle and Mt. Nebo in the background.

Choose from two categories The Sprint or The Punisher.
The Sprint starts with a 2 Mile Kayak on Lake Dardanelle, followed by a 2.5 mile run inside the park-(flat road/trail run), and finishes with a 9 mile out and back bike ride includes one long hill climb.  This is a fun race that usually fills up quickly.

For those looking for a challenge then THE PUNISHER is what you want.  
This race starts with a fast 2 Mile sprint through Lake Dardanelle State Park-a mix of road and trail.  Before catching your breath you find yourself paddeling across Lake Dardanelle to the Illinois Bayou Boat Ramp (2.5 miles).  Now the tough part starts!  First comes a 2.5 hill run that will make even the toughest guy cry followed by a very hilly 21 Mile Bike ride-(There's one hill where very few have actually made it to the top without getting off their bikes).  Finally you finish with a Kayak paddle back to the park.
THE PUNISHER isn't so much about winning but about finishing, finding out what you're made of, digging deep inside to keep going all the way to the end. 
There are limited space available so register early to assure yourself a spot in one of the toughest races in the Arkansas River Valley.  

Event details and schedule

Race time is 7:30am with pre-race meeting at 7am in the Pavillion in Lake Dardanelle State Park.

2 mile Kayak-2.5 mile run-9 mile bicycle

The Kayak course is an out and back from the beach. The run is on and off road around the park. The bike course is hilly but on paved roads and will be well marked.

This race starts and finishes at Lake Dardanelle State Park but the bike transistion is across the lake at the Illinois Bayou Boat Ramp.  You will need to drop off your bike prior to the race start.

Race starts at 8:30am with pre-race at 8 at the Pavillion.

2.5 mile run in the park-2.5 mile kayak to Illinois Bayou-2.5 very hilly run out and back- 21 mile hilly bike ride-2.5 mile kayak back to Lake Dardanelle Beach.  

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