Indoor Obstacle Course Competition

Event Date

Sat, Nov 15, 2014


Rockville, MD

About This Activity

Indoor obstacle race for ages 8 and up. Uniquely designed course constructed on a basketball court that features the following obstacles: Tricep Bridge, Rotating Balance Beam, Crossover Bar, Log Roll, Double Swing Bar, Tire Platforms, Rope Climb, Tunnel Crawl, and more!  
Each entry includes 40 minutes of practice time, followed by a 20 minute competition. First place in the competition receives a prize grab bag. Fastest time of the day will win a $75 gift card.

Event details and schedule

Participants must have signed waiver, and be in sufficient health to compete on event day.
Plan to arrive a half hour prior to your start time to check in, warm-up, and line up as directed by event staff. Please wear appropriate sports attire, and be sure there are no loose items when on the course. Bring water, towels, and any other items you require.
Failure to be available for your chosen time slot may result in loss of any fees and chance to compete.
All minors require guardian written permission and presence at the event in order to participate. Failure to do so will result in disqualification and no refund.
If emergency occurs (not related to competitor) and time/incident allows competition to continue, then the competitor will be allowed to start over. Event director reserves the right to stop the competition for relation emergencies and as well as the decision to continue (if not directed otherwise by emergency, left staff, or police.
The facility staff must be obeyed by all participants and guests of participants.
All events guests must remained in designated space within the facility; no hanging out in
common spaces or other locations.
Do not park illegally at the the Sportsplex or your vehicle may be towed. If unsure of where to park ask the Sportsplex staff.
Note: Parkour or gymnastic skills are not required to participate, however, competitors should be in good health and physically to attempt the obstacles in the correct manner.
For the actual timed portion the following rules apply: Judges will record competitor scores, times, and penalties. Competitors must complete each obstacle as instructed; slight variations are allowed. Falling from a platform or obstacle onto a crash pad or an area that is not a running or intended navigateable section will result in disqualification. Course referrees will blow whistles for any disqualifications, and then direct the person off the course. A competitor must ring the bell or other device at designated location to successfully complete the course. There will be only one competitor per lane, however, faster competitors may pass with verbal warning and referree allowance. If time becomes a constraint the Event Director may increase course usage slightly to ensure all participants are able to compete. If two or more competitors tie, then the event director will determine an obstacle/exercise(s) for a tie breaker.

** If you sign up to volunteer you get free entry in the competition. Just select the volunteer time that works for you, and then send an email with the time slot you would like to participate (that doesn't conflict with the volunteer time).

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