Urban Fit

Event Date

Wed, Apr 2, 2014


Rochester, NY

About This Activity

Looking for a fun new way to get a good workout? Looking for a way to be pushed and find new limits in your strength. Need to add some strength training to your cardio workout? UrbanFIT is an aerobic and anaerobic workout, mixing cardio and strength training. It is outdoors using what nature and our city gives us--no fancy gym equipment needed! UrbanFit is both challenging and fun. During UrbanFIT workouts we will be running a bit but the primary focus is on core strength-- it's a total body workout! We’ll incorporate stairs, hills, benches, and who knows what else! If we can think it up, we will do it!

UrbanFit Classic

Mondays6:00PM at Fleet Feet Sports Ridgeway Ave.

Saturday 9:30AM at Fleet Feet Sports @ The Armory

UrbanFIT Intense is an UrbanFIT workout packed in to a 45 minute block for the experienced on the go athlete.

Monday & Wendesday 5:30-6:15AM at Fleet Feet Sports @ The Armory


  • UrbanFit Endurance is for those who want some more running involved in their UrbanFit experience.

  • Thursdays 6:00PM at Fleet Feet Sports @ The Armory


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