Color Me Ugly - 5k Color Fun Run

Event Date

Sat, Jul 26, 2014


Rochester, NY

About This Activity

FAQs - you can still register at Medved on Monroe Avenue or at Genesee Valley Park starting at 10 AM on July 26.

Packet Pick Up for the Color Me Ugly 5K will be held at Medved on Friday July 25th from 10 am to 5 pm.  Race Date is Saturday July 26th at 11 am at Genesee Valley Park.


So what’s this all about?

This is perhaps the most fun you will ever have! You start as a tidy clean being; as you pass through the color zones you will be blasted with different colors at each station. By the time we are done with you, it will appear as if you’ve been dipped in a rainbow! Prepare yourself for the time of your life!

What’s going to happen?

Here’s where the fun begins! Everyone is required to wear as much white as possible. Feel free to dress up, tutu's, vail’s, whatever as long as it’s FUN and mostly White! Next we are going to cover you in color; Ugly Zones are located at every one mile throughout the marathon. That’s right we are going to turn you into a tie-dyed mess work of art!

What are you Coloring Me Ugly with?

Well that’s top secret! But I will tell you that it is 100% edible and biodegradable, so no worries. You could eat the stuff if you would like, although I don’t recommend it.

Strollers, Can I bring one?

Absolutely, three miles is a long way to carry a kid-o.  We recommend a jogging or stroller with air tires, for some of the trek may lead you off un-groomed pavement.

This seems a little crazy, is it?

Yep! I don’t know how to better explain myself. This is the most fun you will have without breaking the law. If only Woodstock had this stuff!

Is it harmful to me or the earth?

NO, No, & No, now I don’t recommend eating, or cooking with the remnants of this stuff but it is 1000% biodegradable and would make phenomenal compost, or makeup (ladies).

Does this benefit a charity?

Indeed, and that’s the best part. A portion of every registration goes to a local charity or cause. If we can have a blast (of color) and help some people in need, tell me why not?!

Is the race timed?

Not this one? The only time you need to worry about is having the TIME of your LIFE. Although going fast is fun, all skill levels are encouraged! You can run, jog, walk, trot, skip, or hop, just have fun and enjoy getting Ugly!

Are kids welcome?

Yepperoni!!! What kind of parent would you be if you let them miss all this action? Besides they’ll sleep well. All children must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. Children 10 and under are Free with the company of a registered adult. Limit two Children per adult.


Still have commitment issues? No refunds!

What do I need to bring?

We will provide you with a white Tee.  The obvious-perhaps some ugly specs (shades/glasses/eye-wear), a seat cover (for your wheels), and a bandana to cover your mouth if you’re super sensitive. You get the point anything you want to keep color off or out of i.e.: eyes, mouth,car.

So I hear something about an after party?

You heard right, once you cross that finish line prepare yourself for the time of your life and maybe even a little dancing  … we here at Ten Ugly Men believe you’ve gotta live it up every now and then. We are going to take this thing to a whole new level.


Event schedule and times

The Color Fun Run starts at 11:00 AM.

Food and Drink - provided no charge by the Ten Ugly Men Festival

Parking - University of Rochester parking lot off of Latimore Road.  Parking lot backs up to Genesee Valley Park.

Other ways to Register - TBA

Packet Pick UP - TBA

Map of Park

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