2015 GRTC RROY Series

Event Date

Sat, Mar 14, 2015


Rochester, NY

About This Activity

2015 GRTC RROY Series includes the following races.

  1. 03/14/15 Johnny's Running of the Green (5 Miles)
  2. 05/17/15 Medved Lilac 10k
  3. 06/05/15 Charlie Mcmullen Mile (1 mile)
  4. 06/21/15 Medved 5K to Cure ALS (5K)
  5. 06/27/15 Charlie's Old Goat Trail Run (7 miles)
  6. 08/08/15 Jenny Kuzma Memorial Bergen (5K)
  7. 08/22/15 James Francis/Andrea Kofahl (5K)
  8. 10/24/15 Scare Brain Cancer Away (5K)
  9. 11/07/15 East Avenue Grocery Run (5K)
  10. 11/26/15 Race with Grace (10K)

**The Oak Tree Half Marathon is a RROY series event, but it is excluded from the available packages due to higher entry fees.

*** Spring Forward Distance Run is NOT eligible for the series discount.

GRTC is offering members a discounted series entry into 6 RROY races.  No refunds or defferals will be provided if you are unable to race on the days selected.  Sorry, no exceptions. 

The Economy Package includes the following races PLUS choose 2 other races of your choice from the series list:

  1. 06/12/15 Charlie McMullen Mile (1Mile)
  2. 08/08/15 Jenny Kuzma Memorial Bergen 5K
  3. 08/22/15 James Francis/Andrea Kofahl 5K
  4. 10/24/15 Scare Brain Cancer Away 5K

Choice Package includes 6 races of your choice from the series list above.

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